Why Plumb5?

Your business needs the most optimal platform that increases profitability, increases effectiveness of all your marketing engagement, increases customer delight across touch-points, and provides total control on your customer marketing spends; and you got that in Plumb5

Plumb5 addresses all these challenges and solves it over a single platform, not just for today but for the future too.

This presentation illustrates how the future of customer marketing and communication revolves around segment of one data and how this approach can solve customer-centric problems of today’s business


Plumb5 is a segment-of-one platform that serves data for segment-of-one marketing

Segment of one marketing refers to the ability to track and understand individual customer behavior and the ability to use the information system to customize the product and personalize the service to the individual customer.

The other biggest advantage is that by implementing Plumb5, you can connect all your data sources and link all available data. This will save all integration costs for the future. Any new apps can be connected over Web services to maintain unification and linkages

This could save the business a lot of money as technology costs, silo maintenance and integration of individual systems can cost a exorbitant amount, if you forecast for five years

We would be very interested to talk to you and demonstrate how we can save a lot of money on your existing spends and keep it future ready

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