Visitor Scoring and Segmentation

Start monitoring customer’s behavior on the store, by integrating customer id of your store platform, to sessions on Plumb5.   You can assign scores to their behavior and start automating conversion campaigns


The above graphic represents the profile of the visitor, where you can find scores assign to him. The above graphic tells us that the visitor frequency to the site has lowered, though he had visited recently. You can also see that the visitors page depth has lowered too which is an indication that the visitor is drifting away.

In this situation, you can enable a personalized tactical message to this user to be able to drive more excitement

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Building Profiles for Anonymous Website Visitors

One of the biggest challenges faced by marketers is to convert anonymous visitors into customers. Converting these visitors would require that these frequent anonymous visitors are identified by a unique key along with their behavioral pattern to be able to personalize content or gather more information about this visitor. Based on this information or insight, the marketers need to adapt strategies on their website to secure contact information.

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