Investing in Customer Service Robots?

Planning a customer service robot for your business? We are sure that you would not want your robots to dispense generic information. You would want your robots to personalize and engage with customers, more like humans, understanding user’s preferences, past behavior, products to recommend and other factors. And your robots will need access to a single customer file that loads all relevant information in real-time.

If you already have a Plumb5 account, then you can get the single customer information(JSON) which can be integrated into the interfacing robot apps for Ginger, Pangolin or other. When the service robot engages with the customer, the entire transcript or menu navigation can be updated back to Plumb5 to ensure the latest customer interaction is updated for next set of insights

If you have invested in a customer service bot, you can contact us here and we can set up a call to walk you through the 4 step integration process