Is your business ready for AI?

With more businesses wanting to implement AI driven automation to improve operational efficiency and provide greater customer satisfaction, it is important to understand if the current data infrastructure is good enough to address these goals.

Increasing interest in AI has encouraged data engineers to come out with solutions which will help in automating processes such as machine driven customer engagement, operational workflows, Predictions and Solution Paths (Prescriptions), or even addressing unit economics.  By automating business processes, we are not too far behind in providing a highly supervised environment to monitor and manage these machines.

However, to expect such a machine that can generate AI driven business decisions, a business has to carefully plan their data environment and make sure if the following factors are addressedTo solve the above challenges, it is evident that the business needs a unified data platform. Today, enterprise data environments are littered with data silos, and unifying this data is the biggest challenge which needs to be addressed first, as it forms the data foundation for every new innovation or learning that the business would want to experiment.


About Plumb5
Plumb5 is a unified data platform that is designed keeping all the above conditions in mind. Plumb5 to its current capabilities can automate 65-70% of business processes paving the way for machine driven business operations.

Using the data connectors, data can be plugged into the learning network for real-time learning and intelligence. The weights defined by the learning network allowing the system to compute output states as soon as the input data is ingested into the network. The data “states” act as the markers for the automation engine to trigger relevant next actions.

If you would like to know more or would like to test it out on your data, you can contact the data team@plumb5 .

Smarter and Effective Data Infrastructure for Businesses

A smart data infrastructure which enables self-service model, not only solves cost overheads but also ensures effective and timely data dissemination paving way for quicker business growth.

IT HyperConvergence just around the corner – Gartner

With Hyperconvergence happening in the Systems area, Silos will be completely eliminated.Secondly, “One throat to Choke” will be approach taken by all IT infra teams as it is easy to manage security with an converged IT,….in the near future,we are going to see 100s of end points, that does not mean 100s of systems & operations. This is leading to a growing demand in Integrated Systems. Hyperconverged operational & BI systems is the way forward

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