Evaluating the right AI Platform for your business

As businesses are increasingly laying their focus on artificial intelligence solutions, it might be important to understand what goes into implementing these solutions.

Most business product and solutions have now taken to the tone of customer satisfaction, making every solution look the same. It’s only a matter of time, that they will all offer or at least speak about artificial intelligence. I would assume, it would become increasingly difficult for the businesses to understand the truth behind these systems. Continue reading →

The Right Fit for Your Digital Marketing

Most businesses face marketing issues at any given point of time since they require professional approach and research-driven inputs. Typical marketing issues inherently vary from industry to industry oreven business to business. It is never easy for businesses in the apparel industry to chalk out effective marketing strategies to keep up with business profitably due to rapidly changing customers’ expectations and market trends.

Despite many researches, the apparel industry is going to be a tough task for digital marketers to cope up with the expected results. It is because of challenges that are likely to be faced, which are sustainability, lack of operational efficiency and the increasing impact of social media on business.

Digital marketers are spending  lot of their time in bringing traffic to the website by using  SEO, SEM, PPC and social media, but the real game starts when a customer lands on the website. It is absolutely necessary to understand customers and analyze their buying behaviors and patterns to craft suitable marketing solutions.

Many businesses, in the apparel industry, are today facing low retention, low conversions, high customer acquisition costs, low engagement and low average revenue per visitor as they fail to understand their clients’ needs or take suitable remedial actions.This makes businesses to look at optimal platforms that can boost sales with minimal efforts and lesser spends.

A Compact Platform that Suits any Style

Plumb5 is a segment-of-one marketing platform, which addresses and solves the above problems, using real time engagement and personalization. It helps not only in understanding who is on the website but also to engage, understand insights and behavioral traits of that visitor. Plumb5 aids in broadening the conversion rates.

With the help of real time tagging, Plumb5 can provide full details of visitors along with their previous history on the website. It is primarily a real time marketing and integrated tool that works with different features such as rule based engagement through forms, banners etc. It is helpful even in personalization of the website for visitors in order to have a better feel and experience.Plumb5 provides real-time support if a person seeking instant help by utilising  the inbuilt interactive chat feature.

Multi-functional and Multi-faceted

Using this unique marketing platform, businesses in the apparel industry can:

  • track visitors on the basis of sources (ads), locations, site behaviour and activities, add to cart events, abandonment etc
  • evaluate and validate content/product views of visitors and recommend
  • generate engagement forms based on customers’ behaviours
  • Initiate mail triggersand automate periodic rule-based email follow-ups
  • connect with customers socially to offer updates and offers

Above all, Plumb5 also offers users’ in-built features such as feedback widgets, hybrid chats, click-to-call widgets, topic crawlers, brand sentiment search etc. With these functionalities, Plumb5 intends to remove the need for companies to make huge investments in sales promotional activities.

Activating Magento API/Web Services to access data

Activating API/Web Services

Web Services give you the ability to integrate with third-party applications by granting them permission to access specific store resources and data

 Step 1: Create a Web Service Role

From the Admin menu, select System > Web Services > Roles.

 Select Web Services

Click the Add New Role button.

In the Role Information section, enter a Role Name such as “API.”

Add Role Name
Role Information

  1. In the panel on the left, select Role Resources. Then do one of the following:
    1. To enable full access to customer, catalog, and sales information, set Resource Access to “All.” Or “Custom”
    2. To provide limited access to data, set Resource Access to “Custom.” Then, select the checkbox of each resource that is available to this role.
    3. By default, when a area is selected, full access is granted. You can accept the default, specify the actions that a person is allowed to take. Specific types of access are listed under many of the resource links, so it is easy to determine exactly what a user is allowed to do with each resource.Access Details

When complete, click the Save Role button.

Step 2: Create a Web Service User

  1. From the Admin menu, select Web Services > Users.
  2. Click the Add New User button.
  3. Complete the following fields:
  • User Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  1. In the API Key field, enter a verification key or password. This is the credential that third-party web services must use to access your Magneto store.
  2. To confirm, re-enter the key in the API Key Confirmation field.
  3. In the panel on the left, select User Role. Then, select a Role for the user.

When complete, click the Save User button.

Create a web service user

Click here to view documentation of Setting up Plumb5 for your Magento Store