Understanding customer’s preference holds the key

India’s e-commerce segment is on the threshold of another big explosion. And, this time round the trigger is a projected leap in demand in the country’s all-weather jewelry sector. According to an estimate the e-commerce market for jewelry is expected to touch $2.5 billion mark in the next five to ten years!

Break neck competition!

That indeed should warm the cockles of jewelers, eyeing for the largest share of the pie. The competition has already reached a break-neck speed on the web as more and more jewelry manufacturers and sellers are taking recourse to e-commerce and social marketing to attract the customers to their folds.

Challenges galore

The concept of e-commerce has firmly taken roots in Indian soil as increasing number of customers are now engaged in online purchases of products and good. Selling high-value jewelry through online channels is bound to become the necessary point of sale to retailers and customers alike.

Upbeat mood!

Despite the seeming initial hiccups in expanding online customer base, jewelry retailers are fairly upbeat about the growth in the business in the coming days. According to some big players in the trade there are clear advantages of doing business online. The customer is not required to leave the comforts of their homes and can take their own sweet time to decide on the product of their choice before they click on the payment.

Customer behavior

In the virtual world of online businesses, where a face-to-face customer interaction is non-existent engaging them in decision making processes and understanding their behavioral chemistry becomes critical factors to drive businesses.

Plumb5 marketing platform

It is in this scenario that Plumb5’s real time unified marketing platform assumes so much importance. It is a multi faceted platform built to increase profitability through effectiveness of all marketing engagement, customer delight across touch-points, and provides total control on customer marketing spends. All this on a single platform

Build customers base with Plumb5

The platform lets retailers track visitors on their online stores, gather information about their preferences and behavior, engage online visitors, target personalized offers and convert them into actual buyers.

It also helps retailers connect socially with customers by updating them on latest product offerings besides creating effective relationship paths and increasing lifetime value.