Visualizing Product Performance & Conversion Rate

With Product list integration, you can now dish custom reports based on categories, sub categories or by individual products. You can even create custom product related reports and gather insights by adding various filters

Product-wise Performance Report

The report screen is a weekly report of an individual product. The report is customized after integrating product and purchase data from your store platform. This reports enables the marketer to monitor the conversion rate and identify susceptible pages in the goal paths causing drop-outs and plan optimization techniques

Plumb5 Product Report
Views: Total Views the product received)
Unique Views: Total Unique Visitors who viewed the product
Potential: Total Potential Sales, considering all the  unique visitors purchased at daily average(order)
AddtoCart: Total Unique Visitors who added the product to the cart
Worth: Total Worth, considering all the unique visitors who added to cart, made a purchase
Product Sold: Total Product sold
Value: Total successful purchases
Unique: Total Unique Customers who purchases the product
Average: An average number of products, every unique visitor purchases
Drop-outs – Total Unique Visitors who added to the cart but did not make the purchase
Value:  Total Unsuccessful purchases
Conversion Rate: Total Percentage of successful purchases(value) with respect to total unique visitors who viewed the product (Potential)

Import Product List into your Plumb5 account

This documentation is made for store platforms, where there is no web-service/API options. In this scenario, you can import your product list and then sync with URL information. This gets a bit manual if your product list grows on a daily basis

Steps to import your product list

Export your product list to an excel or csv file as shown in the sample

Import Product List Sample for your Plumb5 account


Login to your Plumb5 account and click on manage account to get to your configuration tab

Select Import Product. Give you list a name and import the exported file . Hit the “Configure button’ to finish.

Import Product List to your Plumb5 account

Integrating Visitor Analytics with your Zen Cart site

Get your Plumb5 Script/Code, open this file on your Zen Cart site:
\includes\templates\MY_Custom_Template\common\ tpl_footer.php

Scroll to the bottom of the file paste in your code from plumb5.

Save the file, upload to your live site and that’s it.

Visitor Anlaytics for ZenCart

For tagging customer sessions, manually add the text in your Footer’s file. 

Session tagging for ZenCart

Illustration of implemented screen

For ZenDesk

Inserting scripts and tagging customer sessions on BigCommerce shops

1. In your Bigcommerce Control Panel, select Apps > Analytics.

BigCommerce - Select Analytics Tab

2. Check the box for Google Analytics and select Save.

Activating Script Panel on BigCommerce

3. Select the Google Analytics tab and paste your Plumb5 scripts into the box and click “Save”

Add Plumb5 scripts to your BigCommerce Store

Tagging Customer sessions (Use this script in the screen) to tag customers to their session data on Plumb5.

Customer Sessions for BigCommerce webstore

If you need help, you can write to, and we can assist you through the process

Connecting BigCommerce API to your Plumb5 account.

To enable the API

1.) Login to your store’s control panel.

2.) Click on Users.

BigCommerce Configuration for Plumb5

3.  Edit the user for which you wish to enable the API.

BigCommerce - Edit User

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, and check the box next to
Yes, allow this user to use the API.

BigCommerce - activate API

5. You will then get the API URL and Token for that user.

6. Click Save.

BigCommerce - Save Config


If you ever need to re-generate the API Token, you can navigate back to this area and click the
Generate New Token button. Just remember to Save,  so you can use the new token in your third-party integration.

Once this is done, login to your Plumb5 account to enable user and product list synchronization

Select BigCommerce in the dropdown, and submit your username and API key to configure

BigCommerce API Configuration with your Plumb5 account



Once done, select customer or product to sync data

Big Commerce Plumb5 synchronization

and now you are ready to run product reports and customer segmentation on Plumb5.

Shopify API Configuration on Plumb5

API Configuration for User and Product Synchronization on Shopify

User Synchronization will help in importing all contacts to your Plumb5 dashboard which will enable the manager to run mail campaigns, periodic/cycle based campaigns or look up for demographic and social profiles

Product Synchronization will help in generating reports by product categories, price and events. Integrating product info and price will help analyze the potential sales by measuring unique views/add to carts before sign-ups, which are not available on Magento reports

Sign in to your Plumb5 dashboard. On the top right corner of your account box, click the manage link

Select Shopify in the dropdown menu  and submit your Name, Key, Store URL and the secret, to configure

Shopify Configuration on Plumb5

Once done, select customer and product in your dropdown to synchronize with your store app

Shopify Configuration on Plumb5

and you are done!


Plumb5 scripts for your Volusion templates

Installing Plumb5 in Your Volusion Template

As a template-driven solution, Volusion only needs to be updated in the main template to track . Once installed in the main template page, Volusion will dynamically build your store pages, inserting the necessary plumb5 Analytics tracking code that will capture the data. To begin

Log in as an admin to your Volusion store.

Navigate to File Editor under the Design menu tab.

Plumb5 for Volusion Webstore

Once in File Editor, you will see a set of “shortcuts” on the right.  Click on the first link underneath “Design Files” which is your live template your store is using.  This name will vary from store to store

Plumb5 for Volusion Webstore

Scroll to the bottom and insert the following Plumb5 code just before the </body> tag.

Plumb5 for Volusion Webstore




Customer Analytics on your buildabazaar store

If your store is built on, you can easily integrate Plumb5 and set up effective conversion campaigns on your store

Inserting Plumb5 scripts to your store pages

Login to your website with admin ID and Password so that you can see the user interface editor.
Click on the spanner tool icon to open the menu as illustrated.

Click on the “footer” link

BuildBazaar -Inserting  Plumb5 script

Click on “edit icon” , to open the editor and as illustrated below, click HTML to open the source editor. Paste your Plumb5 scripts (analytics or personalization or chat) here

BuildaBazaar - HTML Editor

To tag customers to their sessions for behavior and interaction analysis,  we will need to add the code snippet specified below

Click here to login and collect your code snippet for your buildabazaar webstore