Plumb5 for Your Home-ware Business

With an increasing number of businesses seeking to take advantage of the rapid growth in the e-commerce sector, desktop, tablet and mobiles have become their new shops and showrooms.Business platforms and technologies that suit every kind of consumer, products and services are jumping on to the e-commerce bandwagon to stand out from the rest in the market.

Today, consumers trust the online shopping platform as much as they have faith on their favorite brands. Selling home-ware online has become the new trend in the world of online business. Be it a table, a bed, kitchenware, or furniture and lighting for the entire house, there is nothing that you cannot find online in multiple styles and colors. If you are one of the proud owners of an online home-ware business and looking for a platform to boost your business then you’ve come to the right place.

Plumb5 is capable of giving you inputs and insights which would help you transform your e-commerce business. With the real-time insights, it analyzes and understands the visitors’ trail and behavior on your website. With the power of such information, you can focus and enhance the sections which are in need of your attention.

With Plumb5, you can also generate personalized emails for your consumers, announcing sales, offers and new launches through your website. With the power of automated bots, you just need to provide information for your sales and social media, and return only to check the results and insights gathered in a simple and detailed manner at one single place.

Home-ware and furniture businesses are slowly getting into the online world. Employ Plumb5, if you happen to do business in any one of them and irrespective of its scale, whether a startup or an established one, then it is just the right time to empower it and see a visible rise in revenue graph, customer loyalty and popularity.

Understanding customer’s preference holds the key

India’s e-commerce segment is on the threshold of another big explosion. And, this time round the trigger is a projected leap in demand in the country’s all-weather jewelry sector. According to an estimate the e-commerce market for jewelry is expected to touch $2.5 billion mark in the next five to ten years!

Break neck competition!

That indeed should warm the cockles of jewelers, eyeing for the largest share of the pie. The competition has already reached a break-neck speed on the web as more and more jewelry manufacturers and sellers are taking recourse to e-commerce and social marketing to attract the customers to their folds.

Challenges galore

The concept of e-commerce has firmly taken roots in Indian soil as increasing number of customers are now engaged in online purchases of products and good. Selling high-value jewelry through online channels is bound to become the necessary point of sale to retailers and customers alike.

Upbeat mood!

Despite the seeming initial hiccups in expanding online customer base, jewelry retailers are fairly upbeat about the growth in the business in the coming days. According to some big players in the trade there are clear advantages of doing business online. The customer is not required to leave the comforts of their homes and can take their own sweet time to decide on the product of their choice before they click on the payment.

Customer behavior

In the virtual world of online businesses, where a face-to-face customer interaction is non-existent engaging them in decision making processes and understanding their behavioral chemistry becomes critical factors to drive businesses.

Plumb5 marketing platform

It is in this scenario that Plumb5’s real time unified marketing platform assumes so much importance. It is a multi faceted platform built to increase profitability through effectiveness of all marketing engagement, customer delight across touch-points, and provides total control on customer marketing spends. All this on a single platform

Build customers base with Plumb5

The platform lets retailers track visitors on their online stores, gather information about their preferences and behavior, engage online visitors, target personalized offers and convert them into actual buyers.

It also helps retailers connect socially with customers by updating them on latest product offerings besides creating effective relationship paths and increasing lifetime value.

Recommending suitable gifts to your visitors

A beautiful gift, irrespective of the price tag attached to it, can make your day. All gifts are assumed to have an element of surprise tagged to them. So, how can one find out which gift will evoke the most beautiful of all surprises or experiences? This is easier said than done. However, a proper analysis of a person’s behavior, his or her liking, or disliking, etc. can to a large extent help zero in on a ‘suitable gift’.

 The Dilemma!

The typical what-to-give and what-not-to-give dilemma is not being just faced by a person trying to pin-point that ‘the most suitable gift’ for one of his close family members or a friends or business clients. The problem stares the whole of India’s nascent online gift market, worth over Rs 1000 crore, in the face.

 Growing market

With India’s gift market set for an exponential growth in not so distant future, the online gift stores are working overtime to tap the country’s online customers, estimated to reach 300 million in the next ten years.

But all said and done, market experts say, India’s gift market sector is still at an infant state as compared to its counterparts in the US and Europe. But there are now clear indications of a rapid growth in online gift business in India.

 Online marketing platform

But, the moot question here is: Does India’s fast expanding gift segment have a reliable online marketing platform to build and develop businesses on? The answer is a big ‘YES’. Thanks to the Plumb5’s online marketing solutions, those marketers keen on scaling up and streamlining their online operation can now look forward to expand and consolidate their businesses with comparative ease.

Plumb5 – good for gift business!

Plumb5’s product framework helps companies combine digital opportunities and engagements to interact seamlessly with customers across web, email, social media, online and offline events, video, e-commerce storefronts, mobile devices and various other channels. It also facilitates integration across all customer touch points while functioning as a platform to personalize, interact and engage with audience in a real time scenario.

Real-time analytics

Further, Plumb5’s real-time analytics has been found to be effective in conversions for actual gains. Its ability to score visitors for all his interactions and touch-points enables the marketer to auto-segment visitors dynamically. Marketers can create custom segments based on scores, along with other conditions. Visitors are automatically moved to the segment, when the conditions satisfy.

Reaching out to customers

Further, Plumb5 enables a gift marketer upload his or her customers’ list and find customers or leads on social sites, connect with them and send personalized messages to their social inbox. These messages generate higher responses and an effective click-through to the online gift store.

Put Your Stationery Ecommerce on the Move

Stationery items once were limited to schools and colleges for the purpose of reading and writing. From pencils, erasers and notebooks, stationery items have moved on to notepads, designer and customized notebook covers and pencil boxes, stick-on notes, staplers, pins, pens, ink-pots, rulers, and the list goes on.

To some, stationery items are foundation of learning, and for others they are source of pouring thoughts out, to jot down ideas or an add-on to their memory power; with time, the functionality of simplest and smallest things have developed dimensions of purpose and popularity.

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Accessorize Your e-Commerce with Plumb5

Accessories are an essential part of the fashion world. Be it a dress, a saree, or a pair of jeans with a shirt, accessories such as footwear, belts, scarves, hats, rings, etc. complete the perfect look fashionistas aim for.

As fashion has become an integral part of the society, among people of every age group and category, it has become a tough competition for the online marketers to stay in the business.

Plumb5 helps your online business of accessories and fashion become a brand from just a marketing website. With the help of multiple features provided by Plumb5, an online fashion website can emerge as the best sellers of accessories, but can also leave a mark as capable of providing the best and latest from the house of fashion to the consumers.

Target the Right Audience:

Hairband for little girls, earrings for a party wear, special jewelries for the bride-to-be, a website might have it all. But it will fetch revenues only if it reaches the right audience who want to indulge in online shopping for their need. With Plumb5, the marketer can target the right audience by aiming at their preference and activity on the website.

Woo Them with Offers:

The terms “Sale” and “Discount” attracts attention of every customer. Treat your customers with offers and discounts that they would not want to miss out on. With Plumb5, keep a close eye on the market and trending accessories and style in the fashion world to offer the best to your customers. Offer seasonal sales and coupons during peak seasons and festivals to attract them to your website.

Add a Little Touch of Personalization:

With Plumb5, you can add a touch of one-to-one communication by sending personalized messages and emails. Using engagement automation, messages are triggered to keep the visitor engaged even after logging out of the website. Keep them updated with offers and discounts which they wouldn’t want to miss.

With Plumb5, you can also keep a track of their birthdays and anniversaries and send discount coupons to them. Generate revenues and customer loyalty by continuous customer engagement.

Plumb5 helps your e-commerce business to bloom by being friends with your customers.

Put Your E-Commerce on Steroids

E-commerce today is a booming sphere of business, where it provides freedom to the customers to get all their desired services at their fingertips. Few clicks and one can buy anything under the sun. With such opportunities, every business is adapting online commerce in order to accelerate time to revenue, which converts to growth.

The competitiveness is driving business to focus on consumer-centric marketing strategies for satisfying services in order to stay ahead of everyone. The simple mantra to this is: to listen and record consumer’s experience, across all touch-points so that a more relevant and delightful experience can be built to keep customer satisfaction high.

Track the Visitor Activities with Eagle’s Eye

It has become easier for business websites to keep a track of the number of visitors to their website and their activities. For example, an apparel and accessories website would like to see what kind of visitors visit their website more, and categorize them into age, gender, areas and preferences, which helps the business to understand their reach, and plan marketing strategies for the category of the highest visitors in mind.

Real Time Tracker, a script based feature in Plumb5, helps the website managers to keep a record of the anonymous visitors, and their activities, like how long the visitors have stayed on the website, what are the different sites that they have visited and how long did they stay there, if they have clicked on any of the products in the website, etc.

This helps in quantitative analysis of the collective information of the website and its reach among the consumers, and in the qualitative analysis of collective data on the most visited sites and products in the website, which in turn helps the business websites to observe what their popular products and services are.

Leading the Leads towards the Best

Real Time Tracker also helps in categorizing the visitors into two categories: one is the lead i.e. the person who signs up for the website and his/her name, location and contact details are stored in the server; the second one is the anonymous visitor, who does not sign up for anything, but just stays and searches different products and services in the website. The lead becomes a privileged visitor who receives notification about the sales and launches on the website according to his choices and most viewed products and services.

This way, the website remains in touch with each lead through automated personalized e-mails and notifications. However, Plumb5 also helps the website to convert anonymous visitors to leads with a range ofengagement forms to understand preferences or garnerthe contact details of the visitor.

It has also become possible for websites to segregate the light shoppers versus the big spenders. This way, Plumb5 helps them to plan a strategy on how to approach them with discounts and products which would suit their budget and taste. This helps businesses to stay connected with the lead throughout and invite them more to utilize their services and products.

Caring About Customer Sentiments

We are living in the time where people like to put up everything on social media, it is important to use it as a tool to keep a check on how customers feel about the product and their services. Social media is not only about connecting with friends, but has also become a source of information and feedback. A space in the social media platform helps in advertising the website online on different platforms, inform people about new launches and sales, and let customers post their feedback about their experience. Plumb5 helps the business to keep a record of the customer sentiments, address queries and improve their services based on their feedback. A happy customer is always one step up on the ladder of success.

In case of any kind of queries that comes in the way of utilizing the services, Plumb5 provides space for online chatting with the people working for the website, which helps them to clear all their doubts and questions before making a transaction.

With the booming population, technology, consumerism, and competition come with an exasperating amount of data. To develop from the renaissance style of manning each of them manually, technology has found a way within, to structure and align data, so as to make it agile and easy for businesses to stay competitive in the customer satisfaction space.

Activating Prestashop API/Web Services to access data

To do this, simply go into your Back Office and click on the tab Tools / Web Service.

Select “Enable Web Service” and click Save to activate the service

Prestashop Backoffice


Generating a. htaccess file:

To get the web service to work, you need to generate / regenerate a. htaccess file. While still in the Back Office, go to the Tools / Generators tab and click:

Prestashop - HTA Access


Creating access:

Return to Tools / Web Service

– Click “Add New “, and you’ll access the “passkey” permission and definition page.

– Click on “Generate.” This will generate an authentication key.



In the list of permissions, the left button allows you to define all the rights for a given resource. Select the resources you need to manipulate from your application; in our case check the first check box in the “customers” row and then: – Press “Save”




Adding Plumb5 Module into the Prestashop Library

Get started with the following steps Step 1. Log into PrestaShop (Back Office) dashboard Step 2. Using the top menu bar, hover over the Modules tab and select the Modules option Prestashop Backoffice Configuration for Plumb5 Step 3. Once you have downloaded(link below) a module from the plumb5, To install a new PrestaShop module “automatically”, click on the “Add a new module” link at the top of the list of modules. This will reveal a new section. browse to the plumb’s Zip file that you downloaded. ps2 Step 4. once installed it will show in below list, To install it, simply select the Install button just to the right of the module. Prestashop Modules Step 5. once installed it will take to configuration page, then paste the plumb5 script


Conversion Automation

Integrating Plumb5 to your store enables automation on your store. You can setup workflows to automate lead generation, lead conversion and retention campaigns, by using rules and scores. This enables constant communication with the audience on both web and email touch-points 

Lead Conversion Example

Illustrated above is an example of lead conversion workflow (first purchase), where automation is implied from the first communication using a qualified mailing list, till the stage where the goals are met. The automation can be configured to escalate after a set number of attempts to minimize drifting prospects

Lead Conversion Automation

View larger

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