Customized to Make You Succeed

“Plumb5”- A Solid Digital Marketing Platform Customized to Make You Succeed

We all understand the relevance of a customer-centered business in today’s competitive and fast-growing world. An organization with the right techniques, approaches and support will be able to get this edge. According to sources, it is anticipatedtwo global megatrends: mobilization and personalization are likely to impact every business over the next two decades. These megatrends may boost fundamental changes in consumer behavior and patterns, and widen the scale of consumers to be even more sensitive and demanding than they are today. As a result, all industries will face bigger challenges in a way to build brand image and sustainable customer value. So, let us look at the solution.

Connecting Customers for Sustainability and Growth

“Plumb5” has been the right-fit digital marketing solution for businesses of any size. It is a customer intelligence product that automates the conversion process. Be it from converting mysterious web visitors to prospects, or from prospects to customers, or from customers to loyal customers,marketers can draw workflows to automate the actions across all touch-points using “Plumb5”.It is in-built with the unification feature that makes the process of understanding and measuring customers’ requirements easier. Ithelps marketers to conduct campaigns for online customers by using insights derived from consolidated data.

Empowering Digital Marketing Solutions

“Plumb5” enables real-time tagging mechanism across all customer touch-points, which in turn helps marketers in comprehending real-time customer value. Digital marketers can accomplish the required rate of customer retention and effectively conduct cross-sell and up-sell campaigns. It allows online companies to overcome the current challenges like shopping cart drop-outs and high bounce rates by providing personalized customer experience. “Plumb5”is a business-friendly marketing framework that profiles customers based on different attributes such as behaviors, demographic details, transactions and interactions.Marketerscan formulate effective marketing strategies for targeting, segmenting and positioning the customers.

“Plumb5” to Offer Exquisite Benefits

There is no need to invest in analytical tools, customer relationship management tools and social media tools once “Plumb5” is in place. You can save up to 40% of your annual costs by making no investments in IT infrastructure. Its unique plug and play features help you save productive hours by integrating reports from various customer data sources. As features are intuitive, self-configurable and workflow based, “Plumb5” doesn’t require any constant IT engineering support. This enablesthe marketing team gain on turn-around time and save resource overheads.

Put Your E-Commerce on Steroids

E-commerce today is a booming sphere of business, where it provides freedom to the customers to get all their desired services at their fingertips. Few clicks and one can buy anything under the sun. With such opportunities, every business is adapting online commerce in order to accelerate time to revenue, which converts to growth.

The competitiveness is driving business to focus on consumer-centric marketing strategies for satisfying services in order to stay ahead of everyone. The simple mantra to this is: to listen and record consumer’s experience, across all touch-points so that a more relevant and delightful experience can be built to keep customer satisfaction high.

Track the Visitor Activities with Eagle’s Eye

It has become easier for business websites to keep a track of the number of visitors to their website and their activities. For example, an apparel and accessories website would like to see what kind of visitors visit their website more, and categorize them into age, gender, areas and preferences, which helps the business to understand their reach, and plan marketing strategies for the category of the highest visitors in mind.

Real Time Tracker, a script based feature in Plumb5, helps the website managers to keep a record of the anonymous visitors, and their activities, like how long the visitors have stayed on the website, what are the different sites that they have visited and how long did they stay there, if they have clicked on any of the products in the website, etc.

This helps in quantitative analysis of the collective information of the website and its reach among the consumers, and in the qualitative analysis of collective data on the most visited sites and products in the website, which in turn helps the business websites to observe what their popular products and services are.

Leading the Leads towards the Best

Real Time Tracker also helps in categorizing the visitors into two categories: one is the lead i.e. the person who signs up for the website and his/her name, location and contact details are stored in the server; the second one is the anonymous visitor, who does not sign up for anything, but just stays and searches different products and services in the website. The lead becomes a privileged visitor who receives notification about the sales and launches on the website according to his choices and most viewed products and services.

This way, the website remains in touch with each lead through automated personalized e-mails and notifications. However, Plumb5 also helps the website to convert anonymous visitors to leads with a range ofengagement forms to understand preferences or garnerthe contact details of the visitor.

It has also become possible for websites to segregate the light shoppers versus the big spenders. This way, Plumb5 helps them to plan a strategy on how to approach them with discounts and products which would suit their budget and taste. This helps businesses to stay connected with the lead throughout and invite them more to utilize their services and products.

Caring About Customer Sentiments

We are living in the time where people like to put up everything on social media, it is important to use it as a tool to keep a check on how customers feel about the product and their services. Social media is not only about connecting with friends, but has also become a source of information and feedback. A space in the social media platform helps in advertising the website online on different platforms, inform people about new launches and sales, and let customers post their feedback about their experience. Plumb5 helps the business to keep a record of the customer sentiments, address queries and improve their services based on their feedback. A happy customer is always one step up on the ladder of success.

In case of any kind of queries that comes in the way of utilizing the services, Plumb5 provides space for online chatting with the people working for the website, which helps them to clear all their doubts and questions before making a transaction.

With the booming population, technology, consumerism, and competition come with an exasperating amount of data. To develop from the renaissance style of manning each of them manually, technology has found a way within, to structure and align data, so as to make it agile and easy for businesses to stay competitive in the customer satisfaction space.

The Right Fit for Your Digital Marketing

Most businesses face marketing issues at any given point of time since they require professional approach and research-driven inputs. Typical marketing issues inherently vary from industry to industry oreven business to business. It is never easy for businesses in the apparel industry to chalk out effective marketing strategies to keep up with business profitably due to rapidly changing customers’ expectations and market trends.

Despite many researches, the apparel industry is going to be a tough task for digital marketers to cope up with the expected results. It is because of challenges that are likely to be faced, which are sustainability, lack of operational efficiency and the increasing impact of social media on business.

Digital marketers are spending  lot of their time in bringing traffic to the website by using  SEO, SEM, PPC and social media, but the real game starts when a customer lands on the website. It is absolutely necessary to understand customers and analyze their buying behaviors and patterns to craft suitable marketing solutions.

Many businesses, in the apparel industry, are today facing low retention, low conversions, high customer acquisition costs, low engagement and low average revenue per visitor as they fail to understand their clients’ needs or take suitable remedial actions.This makes businesses to look at optimal platforms that can boost sales with minimal efforts and lesser spends.

A Compact Platform that Suits any Style

Plumb5 is a segment-of-one marketing platform, which addresses and solves the above problems, using real time engagement and personalization. It helps not only in understanding who is on the website but also to engage, understand insights and behavioral traits of that visitor. Plumb5 aids in broadening the conversion rates.

With the help of real time tagging, Plumb5 can provide full details of visitors along with their previous history on the website. It is primarily a real time marketing and integrated tool that works with different features such as rule based engagement through forms, banners etc. It is helpful even in personalization of the website for visitors in order to have a better feel and experience.Plumb5 provides real-time support if a person seeking instant help by utilising  the inbuilt interactive chat feature.

Multi-functional and Multi-faceted

Using this unique marketing platform, businesses in the apparel industry can:

  • track visitors on the basis of sources (ads), locations, site behaviour and activities, add to cart events, abandonment etc
  • evaluate and validate content/product views of visitors and recommend
  • generate engagement forms based on customers’ behaviours
  • Initiate mail triggersand automate periodic rule-based email follow-ups
  • connect with customers socially to offer updates and offers

Above all, Plumb5 also offers users’ in-built features such as feedback widgets, hybrid chats, click-to-call widgets, topic crawlers, brand sentiment search etc. With these functionalities, Plumb5 intends to remove the need for companies to make huge investments in sales promotional activities.