Guide on how to get SalesForce security token

Here is a quick help on how to get the security token, in order to configure SalesForce to your Plumb5 account

Login to your SalesForce Account

Reach out to My Settings

SalesForce Settings


On your left hand menu, under Personal, click “Reset My Security Token

SalesForce Security Token


Click the “Reset Security Token” button and the token will be sent to your email address associated with your SalesForce account



Use the token during configuring SalesForce contacts to your Plumb5 account.

Sync SalesForce contacts with your Plumb5 account

Integrating Salesforce contacts

You can synchronize your SalesForce contacts by just configuring the API access and token. The contacts will be available in Plumb5 Contact base, where you can start engaging them through mail and onsite campaigns. Now, you have access to the contacts behavior and social preferences. You can segment your contacts based on behavior and run personalized campaigns to monitor responses.

Setting it up

Log in to your Plumb5 account and click on the manage account link to get to the configuration tab

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