Rules based Engagement: How intuitive is your lead engagement?

With the rise of social media, there is a shift which has been observed in all kinds of businesses. Be it a small scale start-up at its initial stages or a business brand widely known, it is important to understand and monitor customer engagement.

Plumb5 helps you to channelize your business on the online platform to help you reach the kind of customers who would stay with you for longer. It is time to move from focusing on the “touch points” in marketing and sales process and form a meaningful and ongoing relationship with the customers; it is important to keep them involved in online interactions through the social channels.

A smart move for big results: In today’s date, those companies who engage with their customers through social media. It is found that people spend 20-40% more time on the brands which are active in the social media and are available online.

Plumb5 helps you to analyze the customer activity in the top social media platforms online in one chart, where you can understand the customer activity and keep them engaged for longer period. With Plumb5, you can create customer communities, based on their activities and transaction in your website and engage them with campaigns designed for them.

Full spectrum experiences: Customer engagement is an ongoing dialogue, and the companies need to be more like good listeners in the digital age. For that, it requires new set of rules. Which means, to listen to the customer reviews and their feedback about your business and others. Hence, it is important to jump into conversations which are more human like.

It is important to engage with your customers on chat, which is enabled by Plumb5, and engage in conversations trying to help them, listening to their complaints and feedback and acting accordingly. The customers trust a brand which takes care of their comfort and builds peer-to-peer relationship with them.

Result-driven campaigns: Customer engagement is not just for the sake of communication, but also to bring results out of it. To increase the brand awareness, one needs to understand the impact on the customer, and that it should lead to a clear direction.

Plumb5 helps you to keep a track of the customer reviews, feedback, conversation, and lets you design offers and campaigns leading towards brand awareness and increase in sales. Plumb5 is the best tool to know what your customer needs.

Reach anytime and anywhere: To be connected to the customers, a business needs to be on active every minute and day of the year. With the help of apps, the customers can access the brand anytime and from anywhere. Today, 78% of mobile apps are for customer service purposes.

A brand is believed to be neglecting the customers if it’s not engaging with them on-the-go, and hence losing them. With Plumb5, one can stay connected with the customers, suggest them products and services based on their search and increase leads and sale.

To grow business in an era where thousands of choices are available out there, it is important to be able to make a mark in the hearts and mind of the customer. Hence, it is a must that the rules for customer satisfaction are upgraded with time.

Quality Leads through Engagement Forms

An engagement form is the most crucial element on any website or a landing page.Businesses can generate leads with ease by using engagement techniques. The process of lead generation starts with a strategy to convert website visitors into prospects by enabling them to interact with your brand.

As a part of the lead generation process, the engagement forms should be informative and attractive enough to gauge the attention of the visitors for a better conversion rate. An engagement form bridges the gap between consumers’ requirements and offers made by sellers. It allows businesses to capture the required details from prospects who visit your website and want more information.

The Art of Converting Information into a Customer

People are sensitive about what information they provide to others both offline and online. Capturing data from the website traffic canbe a simpletask if marketers can ask the right questions in a professional way. Based on the information generated through engagement forms, businesses can effectively formulate their marketing strategies in the long-run.  Lead engagement forms can be solid gold for your business. The contact information you glean from these forms belongs to people who are curious about your products/services.

Engagement forms are useful to:

  • Capture visitors’ data like name, contact details, email address, query etc.
  • Target a particular page based on visitors’ frequency
  • Target visitors based on page depth
  • Measure the time spent on each page
  • Understand customer’s requirements, thereby converting them into leads
  • Target customers according to country and city

A properly designed engagement form is one of your biggest opportunities for a conversion lift. The use of engagement forms is likely to gain more benefits especially for e-commerce businesses. They don’t let users go unnoticed and draw attention towards each product listed in the shopping cart. If a visitor drops a product from the shopping cart, the forms can offer good incentives,to entice the consumer to make the purchase decision. These forms are also useful in making spot offers, can be used as a strong marketing tool to promote sales by offering appropriate discounts, and coupons.

Plumb5 offers flexible and lite engagement forms that can be created based on visitor analytics as well as umpteen permutations and combinations of visitor analytics and behavioral rules. This enables the marketers arrive at engagement form campaign structures to get the best MROI on their marketing campaigns.

Beacon Marketing is good

Beacon Marketing

With the rise of the mobile-empowered consumer, innovative marketers are using beacons to create more compelling, personalized customer experiences at the store and department level. Every in-store mobile experience that is delivered to a shopper must be relevant to the interests and behaviors of that shopper, and must provide clear value to the consumer

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