AutoSync CRM and Marketing Data

Marketing automation platforms help businesses to automate marketing processes. But businesses which aim at taking marketing automation experience to the next level need to integrate marketing automation with CRM. This integration will enable them to transfer customer information seamlessly between sales, marketing, and support while ensuring that right messages are delivered at the right time.

Plumb5 Platform allows businesses to integrate their CRM data with connectors with two-way synchronization. With this, you can feed your CRM systems with behavior data and manage customer communication or targeted campaigns in real-time.

Enable your CRM systems with seamless marketing automation.

Plumb5 CRM Connectors allows you to plug your CRM Systems with 2-way seamless synchronization, without having to go through time-consuming engineer-dependent processes. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce or SugarCRM to Plumb5 can be done easily in 3 steps using built-in connectors.


CRM Integration in 3 easy steps

Configuring the CRM system would involve configuring the service URL with your CRM account username and password. In the case of configuring SalesForce account, you will need to enter the  security token along with the password. With this, you are ready to fetch records or post records to the CRM system. Your next task would be to map the fields of your CRM system to the fields on Plumb5 and hit the sync button. You are all done.

In case of any errors encountered during synchronization, you can click the error log and troubleshoot it yourself or forward the errors to Plumb5 team for quick resolution.

Creating a unified customer view for all customer facing team members

The CRM Integration to Plumb5 Platform not only ensures better alignment of Sales and Marketing and in-time delivery of contextual messages but also creates a unified view of the customer/prospect with deeper behavioral insights.crmimg

After mapping your CRM fields to the Plumb5 platform, you are good to visualize single view of a customer with a wide range of insights spanning web/mobile interactions, integrated e-store transactions, multichannel behavior covering website, mobile, email, SMS, push, store or other integrated channels, social and demographic data and other spend calculations.

Built-in Connectors
Plumb5 has ready connectors for integrating Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce or SugarCRM. An easy intuitive 3 step process can get your job done in 30 minutes. For other CRM applications with web services, you can talk to our connector team to get a similar auto sync setup for your CRM system.

CRM Connectors


AI driven business automation

Driving Business Automation using artificial intelligence

The Plumb5 V6 Platform will allow businesses to automate customer-centric business processes with its supervised AI enabled decision systems

The Plumb5 V6 Platform will feature intelligent automation in two important areas; (a) Customer Engagement, (b) Digital Assistants

In the area of Customer Engagement, Plumb5 will provide learning and intelligence in the areas of Dynamic UI Personalization, Behavioral Learning based Engagement Automation, Recommendations and Targeting based on emotional behavior for video enabled sessions

The Digital Assistants can be used to answer customer queries on digital touch-points (website/mobile app) or on the phone (call center). Digital Assistants can be used internally by organizations to generate reports on the fly or predict scenarios.

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MDMA for Marketers: Understanding the Bots

MDMA stands for Machine-driven-marketing-automation. With MDMA, Marketers can take process optimization to the next level and achieve far greater results by focusing  only on strategies and communication.

Plumb5’s AutomationBots are designed to carry out 70% of the marketing tasks, assisting marketers to lean-back and work on strategies that provide best results

Understanding the Bots

The Automation bots are a set of bot functions where each bot performs a specific function in sync with the other, based on rules or learning,  to pursue a specific goal path. The bots can be customized to work on a specific conversion path

Machine Driven Marketing

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MDMA for Marketers: Automation Routines

Illustrating a sample automation routine that cascades continuously with targeted communication till a specific condition is meet

The below diagram shows how we set triggers to make it work for a lead conversion campaign. The case starts from importing a prospective marketing database and the continuous loop till goals are met

Machine Driven Marketing - Conversion Routine

We created first level segment based on social data available of the imported contacts and triggers were set to send email campaigns

#1 . Triggers set for email interactions

 a. For Unopened (3 Levels) :
We ran split test on subject-line and time for 3 attempts and return result to marketer. This would be like presenting 6 + 1 variant to the recipient before turning back the result to the marketer. As Plumb5 Email App filters out invalid email ids (soft/hard bounces), the list consists of valid emails only

b. For Opens  but no clicks (2 Levels)
Run split test on templates
for two attempts (5 variants) before alerting the manager

c. For Clicks
First condition satisfied. Alert Behavior Manager on the landing page of the click


#2. Now that the lead/prospect is on the landing page/website, we need to make sure that the Plumb5 Unified Scripts are running on these pages. Here we enabled the following triggers

a. For User Event (Add to Cart)
If the lead is made the desired action like add-to-cart, we know the visitor is on the desired path and we did not set any triggers

b For User Event (Engagement button)
If the lead has clicked on other assist elements like a specification page or an interested/wishlist button or filled up a form, but still relevant to the conversion path, then we set the engagement trigger based on depth.
For example
if the visitor is on an assist page with depth of two,  engage with a opinion form and collect insights
if the visitor is still browsing through assist pages and the depth is 4, then we trigger online chat

c. For User Event (Out of goal-path but within the site)
If the lead was clicked a page that is completely out of your goal-path, then we set triggers to target/re-target with banners to bring him back to the conversion path

d. For User Event (Exit Website)
If the lead has left the website, we have set two trigger

d1: create segments based on behavior score/pages visited and trigger a targeted email campaign to bring them back to the conversion cycle. Follow routine email triggers (step1) to make sure the visitor is back in the site again

d2: create segments based on behavior score/pages visited, of users with social profile and trigger a social message to their inbox


#3. For users that were not converted, we reworked the workflows with new strategies/new communication

After 2 test routines, we collected insights about your prospects that includes mail behavior, web behavior and interactions along with social data. You can now create newer richer segments and create more targeted communication for results

The bots will also present the most optimal paths so that you can set as default workflows for any new leads and prospects in the future