Connect your offline store data with online store data

Plumb5’s Posping connector utilizes customer interaction data from the Web store and retail points-of-sale in real time to provide highly targeted offers for cross-sell and up-sell programs. The system continuously learns over time as customers respond to customized offers.

Plumb5 and ROI – Every dime matters

Return on investment (ROI) is a measure of the profit earned from each investment which can be calculated using a simple formula: (Return – Investment) / Investment.

ROI calculations for marketing campaigns can be complex as variables are many. For marketing ROI, the complicated part is in understanding what constitutes your return and what is your true investment.
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Sweet Dreams (are made of this)

For a business, sweet dreams are all about growth and profits. To keep up with their sweet dreams, businesses have to take care of their risks. Business risks can be many, from not being able to generate new business to losing customers to incompetent people to myopic leaders to process lacuna to fund-vacuum.

From our experience, we believe that is one of the core factors that makes or breaks a business, ‘Customer Acquisition and Retention’, as all business performance indicators are directly dependent on this factor. Profitable businesses are built with increase in revenue per customer, year-on-year.
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Online Marketing and Measurement Framework

The BlackBox online marketing kit consists of a comprehensive range of optimization applications for visitor acquisition, conversion, online analytics and channel analytics. It works on a unified script concept. The product is modular and flexible, allowing customers to tailor the suite to meet their specific business requirements. Customers can utilize individual products, a combination of products and services or the entire suite.

Here is an overview of the marketing framework:

Effective Closed Community for Target Audience

Developing targeted social sites for a specific product category helps managers understand user insights pertaining to the product. These websites offer the registered users of the product a bunch of engagement components like surveys, polls, blogs, reviews, rewards and coupons to enhance user participation which will help the product manager to engage the users and derive buying insights tactically. This insight data can be used to build communication to the target audience accordingly.
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