Earning customer loyalty for better brand building

Customers data culled from a loyalty site can give an idea as to; if all the mails being posted plus the time and money spent by an enterprise on cultivating a customer, is at all worth it. Having an effective loyalty programme, in fact, can make all the difference between business or no-business from a customer or group of customers.

Loyalty sites

Plumb5 unified marketing platform has developed the Map method to assess the effectiveness of loyalty sites. The method is used while two unique data types are tagged to arrive at a unified relationship of identifier.

For example when a retailer tags data, imported from a loyalty site and a mail service report, it is found that the unique identifier is just the email of the customer. So using this identifier, the user can derive reports on the effectiveness of email and spends on each customer.

Engage customers

A good loyalty programme ensures that customers come back to store time and again helping the business to grow consistently. The effectiveness of loyalty programs to win customer loyalty to a brand has been unquestionably proved. For the established players in the field it is a means of adding up to the customers’ online experience. The aim of it all is to drive customers to engage with a brand and earn their loyalty for it.

Plan well!

But at the end of the day managing customers’ loyalty for effective brand building along with growing profitability is no child’s play. It involves a complex process of planning an action plan that has a clear cut line of action, easy and faster to implement. The complexity of the entire exercise is due to the fact that there are no specific drivers of loyalty. It is therefore imperative to decide on who should spearhead the initiative: marketers, business developers or PR team in an enterprise!

Designing loyalty

With the team finalised, the attention needs to be focused on developing a viable loyalty design. A user-centric design is vital for developing customer loyalty towards a brand. The whole process includes data collection, facilitating online interaction, creating email for participation in loyalty programme, creating copy, involving social media and online communities, among other things. The programme should be accessible to all stake holders.

Developing programme

This brings us to the most important part of developing the customer loyalty programme. This involves creation of an implementation document, configuring of email, ensuing proper customer experiences and that there is no overlapping of loyalty programme code and existing cite code among other measures.

No hiccups please!

It is also vital to make sure there are no hiccups while customers are experiencing the loyalty programme online. Trial run of the programme helps remove many of the issues that are likely to throw a spanner into all your efforts. So it is better to have a double check on the software through which the loyalty programme is to be launched. Once the program is launched it’s time to monitor it and report on its progress with the help of technicians well versed in the task.

Having right customer data means more business

Festival times are just round the corner. And, everyone has begun to make calculations about their spendable surplus income. After all who does not want to splurge during festival times on things and present that gift item in the departmental store you daily pass by to your dear ones? Inside the stores, it’s a daily brainstorming on: how to attract more customers to both online and retail stores!

Customers’ preferences

Ironically, retailers too know it very well that their businesses are strategically located amidst a multitude of potential customers, who are not easy to turn into real buyers. Each of the customers has their particular preferences for products and services. Everyone is frantically looking for brands and making different and unique choices to suit their specific personality and needs, mostly governed by their different behavioral trends. Continue reading →

Customer Life-cycle Management: Building blocks for every business

Imagine a business scenario with no customers in it! It will be as good as a well developed city with none to inhabit it. By the same logic a city minus its population may have no immediate implication. But a business minus its dedicated customers’ base is surely fraught with far reaching financial consequences.

Question of survival!

The need for managing customer life-cycle in the highly globalised and competitive modern-day enterprises has a direct bearing on their survival. It is as simple as understanding your basics – more customers mean more business and increasing profits. But in a jumbled and highly complex market place where one individual’s preferences vary from the other, managing customers’ lifecycle for the growth and expansion of businesses is a challenging enterprise.

CLM: The panacea!

What, then, do we understand by customer lifecycle management or CLM? In simple terms it is a process of analyzing the performance of a business over a period of time on the basis of numerous customer-centric metrics. The exercise, actually, helps a business understand its standing in the market and calibrate its overall strategy using the customer-centric metrics. All these are to ensure competitiveness and longevity of enterprises.


Building customers

According to market-experts, management of customers’ life-cycle in a business essentially entails:

  • Drawing potential customers’ attention to business
  • Helping them take informed decisions and make purchases
  • Convincing customers into buying a product on offer
  • Earning loyalty of customers on the basis of their satisfaction with product or services
  • Using customer satisfaction factor to attract more customers to enter the cycle

Plumb5 for Customer Life-cycle Management

Plumb5’s marketing platform helps businesses manage the seemingly jumbled customers’ data and work out customer lifecycle with much ease. Marketers constantly work on customer data to derive insights from past campaigns. But the difficulty in managing customer lifecycle is due to the fact that customer data is available across various data sources like web reports, transaction data, email responses, social analytics and other.

Reports in real time!

However, for analyzing the customers’ data available in different sites, the marketer needs to export these as excel and build a custom app to read the web-services offered by the respective sources and overlay data to arrive at customer behaviour.

To address this problem, the Plumb5 has built profiler for the marketer, to synchronize his or her external sources and overlay data to arrive at desired reports, in real-time.

Customers’ satisfaction

Today, for businesses cutting across various sectors customer’s satisfaction has become the prime driving force for income generation. With competition increasing every passing day and more players entering the same business ecology, enterprises have been left with no option but to leverage on their brand equity and try and win over new customers to their folds.

Management of customer lifecycle, which means compiling and analyzing data on behaviour and preferences of individual customers from a cross section of sources, has therefore become an integral part of any business management exercise.

Personalize to bolster your online marketing

From customized products meant for crème-de la crème of the society to customizing tastes to suit the exclusive individual preferences, we have entered the era of personalized marketing, and with a Bang! Say cheers to personalized marketing!

According to a survey, about 73% of customers prefer doing business with brands that use their personal data to make shopping experience more relevant. As per another market analysis report about 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions. That’s indeed a great news for personalized marketing!

Great opportunity

Intelligent marketers have already smelt a refreshing opportunity in the new marketing parlance. It all harks back to a bygone era when the owner of the corner garment shop adjacent to your house will try out all marketing tricks in his hat to woo the family head to earn his loyalty. It’s more about personalized care and attention to the individual preferences of each and every member of the family.

New-age marketers

Today’s new-age marketers are trying out the age old trick to create a data base of loyal, satisfied customers by using personal data analytics to make the perfect product-pitch for individual customers.

Plumb5 is one of the leading providers of digital tools for leveraging personalized marketing. Its marketing platform has personalized features built into the analytics module. This ensures marketers have all references of visitors and they can create custom rules for individual visitor segment on their e-commerce websites.

Personalization tool

Plumb5 enables marketers easily configure content for personalization on the website or in an email communication or a social message, either by uploading your assets and generating a embed script or by integrating to their existing content management system. They can also automate interactions with customers to gather insights on their visit to website by way of questions, capture forms, feedback forms, polls and custom banners, etc.

Mapping visitors

Responses and interaction of visitors can be mapped to their respective profiles for deeper insight into visitors’ behavior. The marketer can thus set conditions to automate next actions based on previous responses of the customer and help create great customer experiences by saving user time, effort and by providing right recommendations.

Big data- a challenge

With such a voluminous data at the marketers’ disposal it becomes quite a challenging task to create a compelling experience that encourages the customer to take action and come back again. Plumb5 unified stack approach solves this daunting problem using real-time engagement engine with built-in propensity scoring.

Understanding customer’s preference holds the key

India’s e-commerce segment is on the threshold of another big explosion. And, this time round the trigger is a projected leap in demand in the country’s all-weather jewelry sector. According to an estimate the e-commerce market for jewelry is expected to touch $2.5 billion mark in the next five to ten years!

Break neck competition!

That indeed should warm the cockles of jewelers, eyeing for the largest share of the pie. The competition has already reached a break-neck speed on the web as more and more jewelry manufacturers and sellers are taking recourse to e-commerce and social marketing to attract the customers to their folds.

Challenges galore

The concept of e-commerce has firmly taken roots in Indian soil as increasing number of customers are now engaged in online purchases of products and good. Selling high-value jewelry through online channels is bound to become the necessary point of sale to retailers and customers alike.

Upbeat mood!

Despite the seeming initial hiccups in expanding online customer base, jewelry retailers are fairly upbeat about the growth in the business in the coming days. According to some big players in the trade there are clear advantages of doing business online. The customer is not required to leave the comforts of their homes and can take their own sweet time to decide on the product of their choice before they click on the payment.

Customer behavior

In the virtual world of online businesses, where a face-to-face customer interaction is non-existent engaging them in decision making processes and understanding their behavioral chemistry becomes critical factors to drive businesses.

Plumb5 marketing platform

It is in this scenario that Plumb5’s real time unified marketing platform assumes so much importance. It is a multi faceted platform built to increase profitability through effectiveness of all marketing engagement, customer delight across touch-points, and provides total control on customer marketing spends. All this on a single platform

Build customers base with Plumb5

The platform lets retailers track visitors on their online stores, gather information about their preferences and behavior, engage online visitors, target personalized offers and convert them into actual buyers.

It also helps retailers connect socially with customers by updating them on latest product offerings besides creating effective relationship paths and increasing lifetime value.

Recommending suitable gifts to your visitors

A beautiful gift, irrespective of the price tag attached to it, can make your day. All gifts are assumed to have an element of surprise tagged to them. So, how can one find out which gift will evoke the most beautiful of all surprises or experiences? This is easier said than done. However, a proper analysis of a person’s behavior, his or her liking, or disliking, etc. can to a large extent help zero in on a ‘suitable gift’.

 The Dilemma!

The typical what-to-give and what-not-to-give dilemma is not being just faced by a person trying to pin-point that ‘the most suitable gift’ for one of his close family members or a friends or business clients. The problem stares the whole of India’s nascent online gift market, worth over Rs 1000 crore, in the face.

 Growing market

With India’s gift market set for an exponential growth in not so distant future, the online gift stores are working overtime to tap the country’s online customers, estimated to reach 300 million in the next ten years.

But all said and done, market experts say, India’s gift market sector is still at an infant state as compared to its counterparts in the US and Europe. But there are now clear indications of a rapid growth in online gift business in India.

 Online marketing platform

But, the moot question here is: Does India’s fast expanding gift segment have a reliable online marketing platform to build and develop businesses on? The answer is a big ‘YES’. Thanks to the Plumb5’s online marketing solutions, those marketers keen on scaling up and streamlining their online operation can now look forward to expand and consolidate their businesses with comparative ease.

Plumb5 – good for gift business!

Plumb5’s product framework helps companies combine digital opportunities and engagements to interact seamlessly with customers across web, email, social media, online and offline events, video, e-commerce storefronts, mobile devices and various other channels. It also facilitates integration across all customer touch points while functioning as a platform to personalize, interact and engage with audience in a real time scenario.

Real-time analytics

Further, Plumb5’s real-time analytics has been found to be effective in conversions for actual gains. Its ability to score visitors for all his interactions and touch-points enables the marketer to auto-segment visitors dynamically. Marketers can create custom segments based on scores, along with other conditions. Visitors are automatically moved to the segment, when the conditions satisfy.

Reaching out to customers

Further, Plumb5 enables a gift marketer upload his or her customers’ list and find customers or leads on social sites, connect with them and send personalized messages to their social inbox. These messages generate higher responses and an effective click-through to the online gift store.

Put Your Stationery Ecommerce on the Move

Stationery items once were limited to schools and colleges for the purpose of reading and writing. From pencils, erasers and notebooks, stationery items have moved on to notepads, designer and customized notebook covers and pencil boxes, stick-on notes, staplers, pins, pens, ink-pots, rulers, and the list goes on.

To some, stationery items are foundation of learning, and for others they are source of pouring thoughts out, to jot down ideas or an add-on to their memory power; with time, the functionality of simplest and smallest things have developed dimensions of purpose and popularity.

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Zoom into your mail marketing campaigns

Plumb5 Mail could be the most effective tool for a mail marketer as it packs email automation, scoring and insights into a single system. Here is a list of things that Plumb5 can seamlessly and efficiently optimize and add value to your current mail marketing efforts

The first advantage is that the inbuilt contact management system is the single source of all your business contacts. It can be a mailing list,  contacts gathered for lead generation campaigns,  sales prospect base, customers or your social group members. They can all be managed from a single place with access to unified insights

If Plumb5 analytics is enabled, all contacts will be tagged automatically to their sessions so that you can understand the behavior of this contact on your store or your website

Plumb5 integrates with Facebook Insights and Full Contact to populate contact information with social and demographic information, so that the marketer can understand more about the contact and his preferences

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Real Time Analytics and Engagement for Real E-Commerce

In the era of global uncertainty and depressed world economy, one sector has seen some impressive growth trends – that is e-commerce!

Global e-commerce sales reached $1.1 trillion in 2012, up by 21.9% from $893.33 billion in 2011. While North America continued to claim most of those sales. Forecasts indicate that in 2013, total e-commerce sales worldwide will grow by 19.3% year over year to reach $1.3 trillion. China drives most of Asia-Pacific’s e-commerce growth, and is poised to surpass Japan to become the world’s second largest e-commerce market after the United States, this year. India’s e-commerce on the other hand, was worth about $14 billion in 2012, and has close to 10 million online shoppers and this number is growing at an estimated 30%.

This is some good news especially when traditional retailing worldwide is struggling to keep 4% growth rate and many big companies worldwide are pugnacious in defending their market share and profitability.

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Making Sense of Online Marketing

There are about 2.5 bn people online, less than one fifth of them shop online regularly but they account for nearly $1 trillion of sales a year, that’s up by almost 21.9% compared to last year (2011). According to one of the estimates 70% of retail sales is influenced online, and this is also applicable to people who don’t buy online. That’s a phenomenal raise, in spite of the weak economic outlook in many countries. US itself accounted for about $226 bn of online sales followed by countries like China.

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