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Real Time Analytics and Engagement for Real E-Commerce

In the era of global uncertainty and depressed world economy, one sector has seen some impressive growth trends – that is e-commerce!

Global e-commerce sales reached $1.1 trillion in 2012, up by 21.9% from $893.33 billion in 2011. While North America continued to claim most of those sales. Forecasts indicate that in 2013, total e-commerce sales worldwide will grow by 19.3% year over year to reach $1.3 trillion. China drives most of Asia-Pacific’s e-commerce growth, and is poised to surpass Japan to become the world’s second largest e-commerce market after the United States, this year. India’s e-commerce on the other hand, was worth about $14 billion in 2012, and has close to 10 million online shoppers and this number is growing at an estimated 30%.

This is some good news especially when traditional retailing worldwide is struggling to keep 4% growth rate and many big companies worldwide are pugnacious in defending their market share and profitability.

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Making Sense of Online Marketing

There are about 2.5 bn people online, less than one fifth of them shop online regularly but they account for nearly $1 trillion of sales a year, that’s up by almost 21.9% compared to last year (2011). According to one of the estimates 70% of retail sales is influenced online, and this is also applicable to people who don’t buy online. That’s a phenomenal raise, in spite of the weak economic outlook in many countries. US itself accounted for about $226 bn of online sales followed by countries like China.

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