Conversational UI

Functional Bots for Business

A demo video showcasing Plumb5’s new conversational UI, where users can query to either generate ad-hoc reports or type commands to setup campaigns or other. The interface will allow users to chat or input a voice command to get reports, conduct campaigns, setup customer engagement, assign tasks, get approvals or perform other business tasks.

The screen examples in the video show query run over the web analytics data. The algorithm can be integrated over any kind of data sets to enable reporting using natural language query.

The query translation algorithm runs over Plumb5’s unified semantic map, which allows the algorithm to traverse through various raw and computed data in order to deliver relevant reports, all in real-time.


  • Any cross-dimensional reports or metrics can be generated instantly with a simple query. This saves the business more than 80% of costs and time spent on report customization.
  • Ability to chat and find everything on one screen takes away the navigational pains and allows feature adoption
  • The conversational ontology can be scaled to accommodate new data as the business grows, so business do not have to reinvest as their data grows
  • Every system user in an organization can resort to the same interface, where data is delivered based on user permissions.
  • Access through Gmail, Skype, Slack and Mobile Apps allows the user to work from anywhere.
  • Users can add Plumb5 bots during meetings and have access to reports pertinent to that meeting.

CUI will be available for Plumb5 users by August


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