Real-time Information Processing

Unified intelligence platform for business delivering real-time customer engagement, real-time operational intelligence and business predictions using inbuilt supervised learning techniques.

Plumb5’s data model is designed to learn and serve decisions across any touchpoint, irrespective of customers or business users. The platform allows the users to configure and supervise information processing workflows by managing weights and rules.

The platform will allow you to plug/sync data acquisition sources like CRM, ERP and other. Using the rules of the data model, the platform organizes the incoming data in real-time and using models, it will serialize and score to auto-classify states in real-time, where states act as the signals to initiate next-action triggers.

Past data or legacy data is subjected to a similar routine to organize the data as per the data model. Scoring algorithms run over this data to produce an aggregated score. When new related data is acquired, it stacks up for computation between the new data and the past aggregated score, arriving at the new aggregated score, which might lead them to a new state, based on the score range.

The automation engine works based on a set of rules configured by relevant users. For example. A marketing user might configure a drip cross-channel marketing campaign whenever their customer reaches a specific state (segment) or the operational user can set up a workflow for approvals whenever the product status or value reaches a particular state.

The platform uses the inbuilt 1:1 data model to deliver messages across any channel either by using proprietary scripts and SDKs for web, desktop or mobile applications and connectors for third-party service providers for Email/SMS/Click to Call services.

The platform comes with in-built models for real-time propensity scoring for behavioral insights, probabilistic attribution model for weight distribution and real-time association rule for recommendations. Data sequencing based on time inputs allows real-time extraction of patterns and allows possible path predictions to arrive at next best actions.

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