Plumb5 + Office365

PLumb5 and Office 365


Businesses using Office 365 can now bring in rich insights about their contacts (customers or prospects) by using Plumb5 connectors.

Both small and large businesses utilize Office 365 cloud platform to access applications (Office 2016), email and calendars, online meetings, file sharing, work management and other, to drive productivity through collaboration. Business users who collaborate with peers to manage customers/accounts, work with limited insights about their customers, restricted to explicit data which is manually fed by the users.

Plumb5 connectors allow businesses to synchronize data and avail deep customer insights like behavior, sentiment and engagement responses, allowing users to improve on strategies and communication effectiveness. The two-way synchronization helps in unify data like emails sent through outlook and messages or email campaigns sent through Plumb5.


Users can now track and understand the responses of their contacts in real-time, which can help in strategizing subsequent targeted communication.

Under work management, users can sync calendars on Office365 so that whenever a follow-up meeting is assigned in Plumb5, it automatically shows up in Office Calendar.

Whenever a contact is captured on Plumb5, the sync feature updates the contact list on Office. In the same fashion, contacts captured on Office 365 can be updated in the Plumb5 list to tag behavior and interaction data. The user can also sync tasks to update the task list in Office whenever a new prospect or contact is assigned on Plumb5.

By integrating real-time behavior insights, Office365 users can now increase productivity by implementing data-driven communication strategies and measuring its effectiveness.


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