How easy is it to personalize using Plumb5?

Its fairly easy to set up personalization or targeted messages for every customer based on their behavior. You will need no coding knowledge. Just a bit of HTML will do

All you have to do is choose a widget from the gallery, set rules and publish. To tweak the layout, you might need to know some basic HTML tags

Say you decided to set up personalization campaigns on your website. Your goal might be to recommend products based on browsing behavior or past purchases


In the above screen, the orange box which is recommending two other products, needs to change based on behavior, past purchases or a particular segment




To do this, you just have to select “Custom HTML widget, and cut paste the table as shown in the pic below



As shown in the picture, just replace the static image URL with tags as created by you on Plumb5


You are now good to publish your personalization campaign

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