Tap new opportunities via effective email marketing

For entrepreneurs running their online ventures, the new-year promises to bring in tidings of newer growth in businesses. Email marketing can be an effective way of tapping new opportunities.

There is so much at stake with 40 Million Shoppers online. The e-commerce segment itself is set to expand rapidly thanks to a projected rise in the number of online shoppers to 40 million by 2016. The market players are already gearing up to tap a share of the big e-commerce market pie. Market strategies are being worked out and reworked to reach out to the prime drivers of this growth story – customers – spread across the globe.

Effective Email marketing

Email marketing forms a critical component in the entire scheme of things in an organisation. No new growth targets can be planned and new marketing strategies effectively implemented if businesses work in isolation, without taking into account the customers’ preferences. Reaching out to customers via emails for a firsthand knowledge about them and their choices about products and services, etc. and engaging them are the core objectives of email marketing game plan. But, here is the rub!

Hurdles on the way

Engaging customers through emails, despite the seeming simplicity of the task, is not always the easiest way to make the first contact with the targeted customer. It is very likely that for days there will be no ‘click’ on the sent email. Remember, getting the first click to a campaign email, despite it having the best of templates and information and other attractive content, is the most difficult thing to come by, the big milestone to pass through before converting the targeted customer into a real buyer.

Tools for the email marketer should combine email drip automation, scoring and real-time messaging and help them efficiently optimize and add value to the business’s ongoing mail marketing initiatives. Tools like Plumb5 can help marketers run effective mail campaigns and take their conversions to the next level

Plumb5 Mail Marketing app provides mail marketers with

  • Unified Contact Bin to import all email contacts across all sources
  • Segmentation Feature helps marketers to create custom segments based on user parameters
  • Template Library that supports real-time personalization
  • Connectors to import content on WordPress or other content management systems
  • Ability to validate email address and templates as part of SPAM prevention
  • Mail Merge feature, available with user details, product details, product pricing and other custom fields
  • Landing Pages and Custom Opt-out Templates provided with all templates
  • Email A/B Testing to understand email template effectiveness
  • Allows to integrate with ECommerce Platforms to trigger emails based on transactions, add-to-cart events or other promotional triggers
  • Setup drip based promotional campaigns for automated email conversion campaigns
  • Track-back of email sent, opened, click-through and click-through session data for understanding effectiveness
  • User-wise history of emails sent to them and segmentation based on responses for effective follow-up campaigns
  • Campaign based analytics and reporting for measuring campaign performance

Plumb5 Real-time Marketing Platform offers businesses, a complete suite of marketing features encompassing email and personalization that runs on 1:1 customer data, with intelligent automation functionalities

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