Segment of one to drive e-commerce to high-growth trajectory

The share of online purchases globally is still a tad shade of the total purchases in retail stores. Explosion of online e-commerce counters selling hairpins, sweets, houses to groceries and gadgets, however, make them the potential future hubs of global commerce and trade. Managing these online retail sales points and attracting genuine customers and converting them and earning their lifetime loyalty is no easy a task.

Customer base

The segment of one can effectively make managing e-commerce; a much more easier and fruitful process to expand online customer base. This is one of the indispensible elements of online marketing strategy. Some of the online retail stores with global presence have already realised the importance of segmenting to increase sales, a large number of them across the globe, though, still bank on adopting strategies for pushing sales through offline retail marketing game plans.

Rising tide!

But, Globally, the tide is slowly turning for a more robust e-commerce eco-system across online retail sales. The writing is clearly on the wall and enterprises may ignore it at their own peril. First, look at the following facts: As per a recent survey, retail sales through physical counters globally account for a whopping $ 22 trillion as against just $1.3 trillion for e-commerce segment.

Global trend

Speaking of the global trend on e-commerce, the outlook appears positive with an upward revision of online businesses every year. Though in India, online retail sales are still at a nascent stage, the prospects look full of potential. China clearly heads the chart rubbing shoulders with the US and the UK.

Segmenting: crucial

However, all the growth stories would come to a naught if enterprises fail to segment their customers’ base and reach out to individual old and new customers through a range of personalised marketing strategy. There is a need for persistent personalised communications through emails, chatting, etc. with individual customers and offer them services and goods matching their expectations and personal preferences.

Unrealised potential

There are clear indications that even big players in the market are yet to fully realise the importance of segmenting individual preferences and choices to earn the loyalty of customers. For them all customer interactions ends with the sale of the product. No attempt is made to build on the customer’s purchase to make them repeat and loyal customers of the company.

Know customers well

Plumb 5 with its digital marketing platform offers a range of solutions that can help businesses segment customers effectively by tracking their purchasing behaviour to offer them unique individual online marketing experiences. It helps measure content views of visitors to e-commerce site. It also helps in the application of content variation tests and gathering of customers’ preferences along with behaviour. All this translates into personalizing content for effective conversions.

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