Effective data management is crucial for driving business growth

There are numerous challenges to be overcome before winning over a valued customer to your business fold. Sifting an unresponsive customer email from a responsive one in your data base is one such challenge.

Data management

Using Plumb5’s unified customer profiling feature, you can import two or more data sources and create a unified sheet using common identifiers between sheets to overlay data.

Map method

The method is used when two unique customer data types are tagged to arrive at a unified relationship of the identifier. For example: When tagging data, imported from a customer loyalty site and a mail service report, it will be found that the unique identifier is the email of the customer. Using the identifier, reports of email effectiveness and spends on each customer can be derived.

tagging two datasheets to create a unified sheer


Simple count method

Simple count method is used to aggregate results from two data types with multiple identifiers. For example, to understand the overall performance of social posts on Twitter, Face book, Google Plus, etc, one will have to tag multiple identifiers like posts, views, likes and  shares, common to all data types. Businesses can use the simple count method to get aggregated scores from different sources and plan their customer acquisition strategy accordingly.

Tag two data sheets to create an aggregated sheet


It thus becomes clear that for a business, customer acquisition is as important as planning a well thought out strategy for the purpose.   

Expanding email data base is one of the main challenges before the businesses to overcome.

Other challenges

  • Use of technology to develop leads and convert them into valued customers
  • Optimising company website and emails for facilitating mobile based marketing
  • Linking social media marketing to customer acquisition strategy
  • Tracking new prospects and customers from the source

Excessive data

An overflow of huge volume of decentralised data is a difficult proposition for businesses. But this data has to be managed somehow to arrive at critical decisions about how to expand your customer base. Inability to do so will entail that enterprises will have to make do without valuable customer data in the form of new emails, mobile numbers, etc.

Lost opportunity

Further, in the absence of a proper data management enterprises are likely to be denied access to vital social sites. This may result in businesses losing out on valuable opportunity to have one-on-one engagements with the prospective customers and know their individual preferences- an important driving force behind today’s online businesses. All this go to only underline the importance of data for the growth of business.

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