Personalize to bolster your online marketing

From customized products meant for crème-de la crème of the society to customizing tastes to suit the exclusive individual preferences, we have entered the era of personalized marketing, and with a Bang! Say cheers to personalized marketing!

According to a survey, about 73% of customers prefer doing business with brands that use their personal data to make shopping experience more relevant. As per another market analysis report about 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions. That’s indeed a great news for personalized marketing!

Great opportunity

Intelligent marketers have already smelt a refreshing opportunity in the new marketing parlance. It all harks back to a bygone era when the owner of the corner garment shop adjacent to your house will try out all marketing tricks in his hat to woo the family head to earn his loyalty. It’s more about personalized care and attention to the individual preferences of each and every member of the family.

New-age marketers

Today’s new-age marketers are trying out the age old trick to create a data base of loyal, satisfied customers by using personal data analytics to make the perfect product-pitch for individual customers.

Plumb5 is one of the leading providers of digital tools for leveraging personalized marketing. Its marketing platform has personalized features built into the analytics module. This ensures marketers have all references of visitors and they can create custom rules for individual visitor segment on their e-commerce websites.

Personalization tool

Plumb5 enables marketers easily configure content for personalization on the website or in an email communication or a social message, either by uploading your assets and generating a embed script or by integrating to their existing content management system. They can also automate interactions with customers to gather insights on their visit to website by way of questions, capture forms, feedback forms, polls and custom banners, etc.

Mapping visitors

Responses and interaction of visitors can be mapped to their respective profiles for deeper insight into visitors’ behavior. The marketer can thus set conditions to automate next actions based on previous responses of the customer and help create great customer experiences by saving user time, effort and by providing right recommendations.

Big data- a challenge

With such a voluminous data at the marketers’ disposal it becomes quite a challenging task to create a compelling experience that encourages the customer to take action and come back again. Plumb5 unified stack approach solves this daunting problem using real-time engagement engine with built-in propensity scoring.

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