Recommending suitable gifts to your visitors

A beautiful gift, irrespective of the price tag attached to it, can make your day. All gifts are assumed to have an element of surprise tagged to them. So, how can one find out which gift will evoke the most beautiful of all surprises or experiences? This is easier said than done. However, a proper analysis of a person’s behavior, his or her liking, or disliking, etc. can to a large extent help zero in on a ‘suitable gift’.

 The Dilemma!

The typical what-to-give and what-not-to-give dilemma is not being just faced by a person trying to pin-point that ‘the most suitable gift’ for one of his close family members or a friends or business clients. The problem stares the whole of India’s nascent online gift market, worth over Rs 1000 crore, in the face.

 Growing market

With India’s gift market set for an exponential growth in not so distant future, the online gift stores are working overtime to tap the country’s online customers, estimated to reach 300 million in the next ten years.

But all said and done, market experts say, India’s gift market sector is still at an infant state as compared to its counterparts in the US and Europe. But there are now clear indications of a rapid growth in online gift business in India.

 Online marketing platform

But, the moot question here is: Does India’s fast expanding gift segment have a reliable online marketing platform to build and develop businesses on? The answer is a big ‘YES’. Thanks to the Plumb5’s online marketing solutions, those marketers keen on scaling up and streamlining their online operation can now look forward to expand and consolidate their businesses with comparative ease.

Plumb5 – good for gift business!

Plumb5’s product framework helps companies combine digital opportunities and engagements to interact seamlessly with customers across web, email, social media, online and offline events, video, e-commerce storefronts, mobile devices and various other channels. It also facilitates integration across all customer touch points while functioning as a platform to personalize, interact and engage with audience in a real time scenario.

Real-time analytics

Further, Plumb5’s real-time analytics has been found to be effective in conversions for actual gains. Its ability to score visitors for all his interactions and touch-points enables the marketer to auto-segment visitors dynamically. Marketers can create custom segments based on scores, along with other conditions. Visitors are automatically moved to the segment, when the conditions satisfy.

Reaching out to customers

Further, Plumb5 enables a gift marketer upload his or her customers’ list and find customers or leads on social sites, connect with them and send personalized messages to their social inbox. These messages generate higher responses and an effective click-through to the online gift store.

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