Accessorize Your e-Commerce with Plumb5

Accessories are an essential part of the fashion world. Be it a dress, a saree, or a pair of jeans with a shirt, accessories such as footwear, belts, scarves, hats, rings, etc. complete the perfect look fashionistas aim for.

As fashion has become an integral part of the society, among people of every age group and category, it has become a tough competition for the online marketers to stay in the business.

Plumb5 helps your online business of accessories and fashion become a brand from just a marketing website. With the help of multiple features provided by Plumb5, an online fashion website can emerge as the best sellers of accessories, but can also leave a mark as capable of providing the best and latest from the house of fashion to the consumers.

Target the Right Audience:

Hairband for little girls, earrings for a party wear, special jewelries for the bride-to-be, a website might have it all. But it will fetch revenues only if it reaches the right audience who want to indulge in online shopping for their need. With Plumb5, the marketer can target the right audience by aiming at their preference and activity on the website.

Woo Them with Offers:

The terms “Sale” and “Discount” attracts attention of every customer. Treat your customers with offers and discounts that they would not want to miss out on. With Plumb5, keep a close eye on the market and trending accessories and style in the fashion world to offer the best to your customers. Offer seasonal sales and coupons during peak seasons and festivals to attract them to your website.

Add a Little Touch of Personalization:

With Plumb5, you can add a touch of one-to-one communication by sending personalized messages and emails. Using engagement automation, messages are triggered to keep the visitor engaged even after logging out of the website. Keep them updated with offers and discounts which they wouldn’t want to miss.

With Plumb5, you can also keep a track of their birthdays and anniversaries and send discount coupons to them. Generate revenues and customer loyalty by continuous customer engagement.

Plumb5 helps your e-commerce business to bloom by being friends with your customers.

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