Integrating Plumb5 with Adobe Experience Manager

In this article, we talk about how you can synchronize data between the two systems (Plumb5 and AEM). We cover both aspects of integration; (1) integrating Plumb5 Analytics for Experience Management using AEM; (2) Integrating AEM Data for Experience Management using Plumb5

With this, you can seamlessly measure performance of all your digital assets (sites, communities, apps and forms) and deduce insights on which asset is more effective or set rules to customize assets based on conditions or devices

Integrating Plumb5 Analytics to AEM-
Business using AEM for Experience Management can now target experiences at their touch-points, based on unified customer profile. Plumb5 Customer Data can be imported using a custom data importer service for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) using the polling node. Data can be imported at specific intervals into AEM. Creating Custom Data Importer Services

Integrating AEM Data to Plumb5 Platform using JCR API
For businesses who already have AEM data and are looking to import it into Plumb5 platform for touch-point interactions. You can customize Plumb5 Connectors to query data from the JCR. Click here to access the Help document on Querying Adobe Experience Manager Data using the JCR API

Refer to get/post specific data from/to Plumb5

Get in touch with us to explore further.


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