Planning the right marketing ecosystem for best results

In 2015, marketing will see a significant change in optimization practices, which will allow businesses to understand and deliver better services to their customers along with implementing full-scale analytics to take control of marketing spends and most importantly, deploy automation workflows to increase effectiveness in engagement and conversion

“Provider executives should review their business model strategy as software,service & content will increasingly merge. They should consider acquisitions or partnerships to get to a hybrid & vertical/horizontal delivery.”- Gartner

Trends depict that the marketers are looking at comprehensive platforms, which can solve customer-centric problems, which is possible only with in-depth customer information and delivery mechanisms. Today, businesses are using different systems to engage a single customer at different touch-points, across the customer life cycle.

As all marketing energies are focused towards conversion, it is important to create a full view of your customer/business to create more insightful analysis. So IT teams have an additional task of implementing a platform that can overlay touch-point data and create 360 view of a single customer.

And for business metrics (ROI and KPI), IT teams have to deploy data discovery applications on to the platform, which hosts the aggregated data (of all customers/visitors and across all touch-points). This will enable teams to work on analytics, reports and custom dashboards to monitor performance and results.

With focus on data gravity, it is extremely important to maintain and structure data, which helps in data optimization and re-usability

Plumb5, as a marketing platform, is designed to clinically address these disconnects:

Disconnect between customer data from different touch-points; For ex: Web Insights of a particular customer is stored in a different silo and the same customer’s support information is in an other silo.

between two customer facing teams (ex: sales and marketing); For ex: The sales executive handling a certain prospect, might miss out on the information about the same prospect, which is available with the live chat app, working on the website

between data collection and data delivery.For ex: The browsing behavior on the web of a particular visitor is tracked by a different app whereas the engagement scripts, which wants to personalize content to the same visitor, is from a different app, causing redundancy and latency.

Plumb5 creates a unified stack around each customer/visitor and tags touch-point data along with revenues, spends and other interactions;

  • allowing marketers to run automated 1:1 conversion campaigns;
  • allowing all customer facing teams (sales, marketing and support) to work on unified customer intelligence
  • allowing developers to build new apps on existing data to maintain unification;
  • allowing data scientists to run models to get insights and create custom dashboards and reports.

Note the 7 main things that Plumb5 brings together as a platform

1. Taking control of your efforts: CMO Dashboards
With all data tagged and available on a single platform, Plumb5 helps in creating real-time dashboards for C level executives covering KPIs and metrics around customers, products, conversions, sales and revenue. Marketing Intelligence reports with absolute granularity can be created to take control of every marketing action. Customer centric analysis like NPV, CLV, retention predictions can be monitored in real-time, and the insights can be utilized to trigger subsequent customer campaigns

2. Customer Management: Omnichannel + Single Customer Stack + 1:1 Marketing + Customer Analysis
Plumb5 core unification allows the marketer to engage/manage their customers across all touch-points. Plumb5 scripts are bi-directional, capable of collecting data and delivering engagement rules. Plumb5 platform comes with apps for web and mobile analytics, email management, social listening and profiling, loyalty communities, lead management system, video management and has connectors of CRM apps, ECommerce Apps, Telephony apps and POS systems. Plumb5 touch-point delivery capability spans web, mobile push messaging, email, SMS, Social, IVR, USSD, Click-to-call Apps, Web Kiosks, Mobile Apps like Whatsapp and POS applications

3. DIY Engagement Tools (Self Serve):
Plumb5 Do-It-Yourself tools allows marketers to quickly configure engagement campaigns, all by themselves (without developers help), thus allowing quick turn around of campaigns. Marketers can tag/upload their content and use the console to set rules and conditions to a particular segment to publish campaigns, in quick time.

4. Developer Environment 
The biggest challenge faced by the IT team is that data is available at various silos and they need to resort to multiple tools to integrate existing data. Plumb5 Platform allows IT teams to plug available data sources to the platform using web services and create a unified structure of all data. Over this aggregated data, IT teams can build or connect future apps with preset tags,which help in maintaining data unification and structure, for years

5. Automation
Plumb5 Platform allows marketers to enable automation workflows across the customer life cycle. Plumb5 has a built-in propensity scoring model that allows marketers to auto-segment customers and run seamlessly cascading automation across all touch-points, until conversions are met

6. Performance
Plumb5 proprietary methodology of unified customer stack allows systems to identify the visitor when they are at the touch-point and run targeted engagement campaigns, instead of querying across a million records.

7. Pricing
Plumb5 Unified Platform brings cost benefits on your IT spends as it takes out the data redundancy out of the system. With Plumb5, businesses can save up to 40-60% of their IT budgets



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