MDMA for Marketers: Understanding the Bots

MDMA stands for Machine-driven-marketing-automation. With MDMA, Marketers can take process optimization to the next level and achieve far greater results by focusing  only on strategies and communication.

Plumb5’s AutomationBots are designed to carry out 70% of the marketing tasks, assisting marketers to lean-back and work on strategies that provide best results

Understanding the Bots

The Automation bots are a set of bot functions where each bot performs a specific function in sync with the other, based on rules or learning,  to pursue a specific goal path. The bots can be customized to work on a specific conversion path

Machine Driven Marketing

To explain better, illustrating a specific customer conversion path. By definition, this would involve converting your prospects (leads) to customers, which would take several steps of targeted communication, before the user makes his first purchase

To meet this goal, we aligned 6 bot functions to perform the conversion routine.

Behavior: Track and monitor all interactions spanning views, responses, events, transactions on the website by individual visitor. This bot is synced with Social, Engagement and Email bots to collect and unify all interaction data.

Social: The routine of this bot, is to co-ordinate with the behavior bot for all social information about a particular visitor. Since the exercise was for leads, the visitors were identified by their email address. The social bot looks up on the web for social presence, profile and activity

Engagement: This bot works tightly with the behavior bot. Based on behavior scores or rules, you can assign triggers to behavior cohorts. We configured 12 interaction types to engage visitors based on their behavior or segments. The responses of these interactions were synchronized back with the behavior bot

Email: This bot is the email service bot. It is synchronized with the behavior bot to tag the browsing visitor and picks up rules and conditions to trigger timely emails to keep the routine ongoing. Every email response is sent back to the behavior bot for scoring.

Rules Manager: This bot is editable. It stores all the parameters and allows the marketer to edit and set multi-conditional triggers. We assigned scores for interactions and created behavior cohorts. For every cohort, we tagged content templates with split test options. We also set a trigger to alert us if the loop was not successful after 4 attempts

Sales: This bot triggers when there is a purchase or when a transaction goal is met. In sync with email bot to send success emails to the new customer.


Click here to view the automation routines





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