MDMA for Marketers: Automation Routines

Illustrating a sample automation routine that cascades continuously with targeted communication till a specific condition is meet

The below diagram shows how we set triggers to make it work for a lead conversion campaign. The case starts from importing a prospective marketing database and the continuous loop till goals are met

Machine Driven Marketing - Conversion Routine

We created first level segment based on social data available of the imported contacts and triggers were set to send email campaigns

#1 . Triggers set for email interactions

 a. For Unopened (3 Levels) :
We ran split test on subject-line and time for 3 attempts and return result to marketer. This would be like presenting 6 + 1 variant to the recipient before turning back the result to the marketer. As Plumb5 Email App filters out invalid email ids (soft/hard bounces), the list consists of valid emails only

b. For Opens  but no clicks (2 Levels)
Run split test on templates
for two attempts (5 variants) before alerting the manager

c. For Clicks
First condition satisfied. Alert Behavior Manager on the landing page of the click


#2. Now that the lead/prospect is on the landing page/website, we need to make sure that the Plumb5 Unified Scripts are running on these pages. Here we enabled the following triggers

a. For User Event (Add to Cart)
If the lead is made the desired action like add-to-cart, we know the visitor is on the desired path and we did not set any triggers

b For User Event (Engagement button)
If the lead has clicked on other assist elements like a specification page or an interested/wishlist button or filled up a form, but still relevant to the conversion path, then we set the engagement trigger based on depth.
For example
if the visitor is on an assist page with depth of two,  engage with a opinion form and collect insights
if the visitor is still browsing through assist pages and the depth is 4, then we trigger online chat

c. For User Event (Out of goal-path but within the site)
If the lead was clicked a page that is completely out of your goal-path, then we set triggers to target/re-target with banners to bring him back to the conversion path

d. For User Event (Exit Website)
If the lead has left the website, we have set two trigger

d1: create segments based on behavior score/pages visited and trigger a targeted email campaign to bring them back to the conversion cycle. Follow routine email triggers (step1) to make sure the visitor is back in the site again

d2: create segments based on behavior score/pages visited, of users with social profile and trigger a social message to their inbox


#3. For users that were not converted, we reworked the workflows with new strategies/new communication

After 2 test routines, we collected insights about your prospects that includes mail behavior, web behavior and interactions along with social data. You can now create newer richer segments and create more targeted communication for results

The bots will also present the most optimal paths so that you can set as default workflows for any new leads and prospects in the future


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