Plumb5 – The profitable marketing solution

Plumb5 is designed to last longer as the framework is built by  understanding the maturity of applications at customer touch-points and the possible communication avenues involving customer interactions.

Plumb5 as a base framework, keeps your customer data unified irrespective of source. All customer interaction features are built over the framework, so that data collected, is instantly tagged to the unified data, profiled on the framework. So Plumb5 stores your customer data in an unified manner at all point of time.

The base framework can also host future marketing apps that involve customer interactions or data,  so that the new data collected remains unified. With unification helps the marketer to utilize real-time insights of their customers at every touch-point. This would mean that your customer data is unified at all instances, which means no customer data integration costs in future

Plumb5 as a platform, with its unified approach, can solve core marketing problems and bring the process to an optimal level

1. Unified Customer Data on Plumb5 serves customer intelligence in real-time, across the entire marketing team. For example: Customer Intelligence is available to all team members; be it an online chat agent or a customer support executive or an online marketer. This allows the entire marketing team to work on the latest customer insights and manage seamless customer campaigns and win interactions in real-time, thus speeding up conversion cycles

2. Unified Customer Data keeps track of spends and earnings at all touch-points and calculates the present value of the customer in real-time. This allows the marketers to automate all kinds of campaigns across segments based on value or other transactional parameters

3. Unified Customer Data enables marketers to understand customer behavior and sentiments and allows you to strategize campaigns based on real-time RFMS scores. This enables you to set alerts for customers who are drifting and align campaigns to reduce churn

4. Unified Customer Data saves a lot of costs year on year. Since the data is unified, marketers can be free of  data-integration spends, year-on-year.  As most features are configurable and workflow-centric, you can automate most tasks using unified data and save your marketing hours

Plumb5 can be a great tool to work with for marketers in recession-hit economies. It saves a lot of tool expenses and marketing hours, enabling marketers to execute more campaigns and results by using the saved budgets

To illustrate the comparison, we created a approximate calculation of the marketing investments for the next 8 years. For the calculation, we considered Company X, which has a larger customer base, would spend on the following

– Total Expenses for all marketing tools put together
Lets us assume that the company believes in in-depth customer intelligence to plan result-oriented conversion campaigns. Then they would look at Adobe Omniture (Web Analytics), Exact Target(Email), WebEngage (Web Targeting) , Radian6(Social) along with other customer management tools. The expenses would include annual subscription costs for tools such as Omniture, ExactTarget, WebEngage, Radian6  which we have estimated at an average of $100K annually. Plumb5 would cost them $30-35k annually

– Total Expenses for  Data Integration
As the customer data is available in different sources (above mentioned), the marketer will need to budget extra to unify the data. Considering that the company unified the sources in the first year itself and made regular updates to new data, we would estimate that the company would spend nothing less than $300k in the first year and an approximate $40k for updates in the subsequent years

– Total Expenses for Custom Insights
Most platforms charge extra to create custom reports in order to find deeper insights. Each custom report turns out to be a growing expense for the company. Considering that there will be a lot of learning in the first two years and a constant look-out for new insights, they might need to budget $300k for the first two years and $200k for the next 6 years. Plumb5 Unified Data allows the marketer to create any kind of custom report using a report builder. Though you need to budget for customization, it can be minimal when on Plumb5

– Total Expenses for  Campaigns & Conversion
The company now has to spend on marketing resources, who will help in executing periodic campaigns, analyzing reports and plan follow-up communication. We are not including creative resources here but covering all mechanical jobs carried out by individuals. Auto-segmentation and scoring helps marketers to automate follow-up flows across all customer stages. Automation features on Plumb5 can optimize 50% resource time by way of stage definitions through-out the life-cycle

The following tables puts an expense comparison between two scenarios

Expenses incurred by using traditional marketing tools and processes


Expenses incurred by using Plumb5


The numbers used, are kept to the minimal, as we are aware that the marketers are constantly implementing tools that can optimize their spends.


Plumb5 creates a definitive edge for marketers, in terms of cost, which helps them to plan more campaigns and results, with the savings, gained from tools budget.

The Free Trial for Plumb5 is available here. Run it in parallel with your current system and evaluate the product

Its a ‘nothing-to-lose-and-everything-to-gain’ evaluation copy



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