Multimedium–User Manual (Scoring–Nested Conditions Section)


The utility and usage of Scoring (Nested Conditions) section of Multimedium is explained as follows.

1. Basic Function

In this section the user can assign a score to values of different columns of a table.Nested score is a score assigned to a set of data over and above the configuration score.This score can be used for further grouping of data in the create group section of the system. Based on this scoring the user can customize the reports.

2. Operating Instructions

The usage of this screen is explained in the below mentioned steps.

Step 1:

(i) Click on Scoring —à Nested Conditions, the screen will appear as follows.


Step 2:

(i)  Click on Add New button which appears at the right side of the screen

(as displayed on the screen in step 1).

(ii)  Enter a Score Title name.

(iii) Enter a Data source Name.

(iv) Enter the Table Name.

(v) The system populates the aggregate column chosen while creating a configuration list.

For creating a nested score list a configuration list needs to be created first.

(vi) Enter the column name and values as required.

(vii)Click on the + sign to add columns for assigning a score.

(viii)Choose the conditions as per requirement.

(ix)  Enter the score and click on save command button to store the scores in the system.



Step 3:

(i) To modify the score for a created nested scoring list, search for the required list.

(As displayed in the screen below.)

(ii) Click on Manage to access the screen displayed in step 4.

(iii) Use the delete button to delete the configuration list from the system.


Step 4:

(i)  On clicking on Manage the system will allow the user to modify the score for the created nested score list as follows.

(ii) Modify the score or conditions as required.

(iii)Save the changes in the system by clicking on the update button.





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