Multimedium–User Manual (Reporting—My Dashboards section)


The utility and usage of Reporting (My Dashboards) section of Multimedium is explained as follows.

1. Basic Function

In this section the dashboards created by the user are displayed. The user can change the layout of the dashboard and view the dashboard along with the reports.

2. Operating Instructions

The usage of this screen is explained in the below mentioned steps.

Step 1:

(i) Click on Reporting —My Dashboards, the screen will appear as follows.


(ii)   A search button is provided on the right hand side of the screen.

After entering the keyword in the box, press the search button then the system will display all the dashboard names containing the keyword.


Step 2:

(i) Click on Manage, the screen will appear as follows.

(ii)The layout can be changed.

(iii)The default settings can be changed.

(iv)Clicking on Update button will save the changes for the dashboard.




Step 3:

(i) Click on Report, the screen will appear as follows.


Step 4:

(i) Click on manage chart icon, the screen will appear as follows.

(ii)The chart name can be provided here.

(iii) Report to be displayed in a particular area of the dashboard can be set here.

(iv)The type of chart can be chosen here.

(v)Options like multicolor and percentage can be selected for display of the chart.

(vi)Update button will save the details of dashboard, chart and report in a sql table

(vii)Reset button will roll back all the selections made in the Manage Chart screen.



Step 5:

(i) Click on Manage Label, the screen will appear as follows.

(ii) Labels displayed on the chart can be changed here.

(iii) Update will save the modifications done.



Step 6:

(i) Click on View Report icon next to Manage Chart icon (as seen in screen Step 4), the screen will appear as follows.

(ii)The displayed report can be downloaded in an excel sheet by clicking on excel button situated at right corner of the screen.

(iii)Save button will save the displayed data in a sql table.


Step 7:

(i) By clicking Edit Group seen in screen mentioned in step 6

(or by clicking Edit Chart icon situated along with Manage Chart and View Report icons in screen mentioned in step 4) ,

the following screen will appear.

(ii) The query details like data source name, table name and column name can be changed using this screen.

(iii) Various other parameters like order by, score etc can be changed.

(iv) The modified query details can be saved using the update button in a sql table.

(v) The modified query details along with results of the query can be saved in a sql table using the update and save button.


The delete button (refer to the screen displayed in step 1) will delete the dashboard details from the sql table.


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