Multimedium–User Manual (Data Import–My Files Section)


The utility and usage of Data Import (My Files) section of Multimedium is explained as follows.

1. Basic Function

This section displays the data files imported by the user along with the data source name.  The record count of the excel sheet is displayed next to the file name in brackets. The date on which the data file was imported is also displayed for the user’s information.

2. Operating Instructions

The usage of this screen is explained in the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: 

(i) Click on Data Import —My Files, the screen will appear as follows.

On clicking on data file name the user is directed to Zoho website wherein the user can edit the contents of the imported excel sheet.


Step 2:

(i) Click on Download button. The screen will appear as follows.

Through this option the user can download or open the data file imported.

The file gets downloaded in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\My Documents\Downloads folder of the user’s pc.

Data of the excel sheet is retrieved from the application folder named ImportedDataFiles.

The format of the file name is UserID_Datetime.


Step 3:

 (i) A sql table is created in the database with the name of the data file in the import file section.

Clicking on Delete button will delete the sql table created in the system.

Step 4:

(i)  A search button is provided for the datasource on the right hand side of the screen. In case a data source name is   selected from the drop down box then the system will display the files imported using the specified datasource.             (Refer to the below screen shot)


Step 5:

(i)   A search button is provided for the file name just above the data source button(right hand side of the screen).

(ii)  A file name can be entered in the box near the Search button.

(iii) On clicking the search button the system will search for files with entered name. In case data source is also entered then files with entered name and pertaining to the selected data source will be displayed.

(Refer to the below screen shot)


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