Multimedium—User Manual(Data Import–Import Section)


The utility and usage of Data Import (Import File) section of Multimedium is explained as follows.

1. Basic Function

This section is used to import the user’s data file situated on any location on his system.

The data file needs to be in .xls or .xlsx format.

Before importing any file the user needs to create a data source (refer to step 2).

A data source is used to group the imported data files and provide a collective name.

2.Operating Instructions

The usage of this screen is explained in the below mentioned steps.

Step 1: 

(i) Click on Data Import —Import File, the screen will appear as follows.



Step 2 :

(i)  On clicking Add New Data Source the following screen will appear.

(ii)  A name needs to be provided next to Data Source Name label .

(iii) Click on Add button to save the Data Source Name.


Step 3:

(i) Click on Delete button to delete the Data Source along with related details like excel sheets, tags,scoring,groups and charts. (refer to the screen shot below).



Step 4:

(i) Click on Browse button to select the data file to be uploaded. (refer screen shot of step 1)

(ii) Click on Import button to get the following screen.

(iii) Enter Data Source Name, Data File Name and excel sheet to be imported.

(iv) Click on the Save button to excel file and its contents.


The imported file is stored on the application folder. The name of the application folder is ImportedDataFiles. The file names are saved in the format as UserID_Datetimeformat. After importing the data, a sql table gets created with the format and data of the file imported. The sql table name will be saved in a format like tbl_UserID_DataFileName in the database.


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