Serving it real-time

Serving it real-time

To create the delight in customer experience, touch-point apps should be able to respond in real-time based on real-time actions of users, which requires references from past actions and current actions to arrive at insights for next action, and be able to deliver the proposed action, in the next customer interaction.

For example, in a re-sell campaign for online banking where, based on customer segmentation, it is necessary to target campaigns. Now if the campaign was to attract customers in a particular segment to top-up their loans, it is necessary that the data is integrated to be able to serve segmentation parameters on to the website, so that a banner or an offer can be targeted based on the customer visit. When the customer views the banner, chooses to avail it offline through an executive, the data recorded should be updated in real-time, so that the banner is not shown to the customer, even if the customer visits the website on his mobile, after a minute.

Another example that best cites the real-time application would be in customer support. If a customer is looking through the web for information, fails to find it on the web and calls the customer care to find out. With real-time data, the customer support executive should be able to get to the context quickly with keywords and behavior data, without having to force the customer to do the registration routine

With real-time data, you can see retention campaigns, enabling targeted banners on the fly based on customer present value or risk score, or even get real-time data on product availability and pricing.

Plumb5 addresses these real-time marketing challenges, by maintaining unified scripts at all touch-points and update them in real-time, for consumption at the next interaction, using Signal R libraries

Knowing Signal R
ASP.NET SignalR is a new library for ASP.NET developers that makes developing real-time web functionality easy. SignalR allows bi-directional communication between server and client. Servers can now push content to connected client instantly as it becomes available. (

With this approach, Plumb5 invokes web tracking for behavior understanding,  personalization, site chat and unified string updation, using a  single connection. This allows us to feed live activities, as it happens, to the marketer, so they can address customers when online, leading to progressive marketing

This also helps in reducing server calls as one single connection is used to request/respond mutliple times thus making a huge difference in terms of performance

Plumb5 applies SIgnalR in the following applications

Live Analytics Dashboard
Uses SignalR to provide real-time data on visitor information like geo-location, behavior, segmentation and device data

Based on real-time actions or existing segmentation, target or personalize content in context,

Hybrid Chat
In Active Live Sessions, used to share images/videos by maintaining a single connection

Real-time Workflows
Workflows can be enabled based on real-time data to execute segment based customer campaigns

Unified Real-time Data
At every event of customer action, data collected gets appended to the UID string to make unified customer data available at all touch-points in real-time

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