Aligning interaction data to monitor customer spends

Customer Transaction Cards is a customer profitability application designed to create statement of transactions of each customer to effectively manage customer spends.

The application is integrated with the CUI string module, to align interaction data of a single customer, in date sequence, so as to understand the staging process of the customer and the relevant costs involved at each touch-point

Each customer’s interaction history is designed like a bank statement with credits and debits added to each interaction, where revenue earned is considered as credits and every spend on invitations or, product discount or periodic interests, is considered as debits

The following statement example shows how customer interaction data is aligned by interactions along with associated credits, debits and balance.


This helps the business manager to quickly check each customers profitability status for a given time and help in planning  targeted communication and campaigns.

The app was primarily designed to handle high volume personalization workflows where retention campaigns can be executed in real-time based on current value of the customer. Rules and conditions can be configured to execute campaigns for customers who fall in respective revenue clusters

The app also reports each customer’s performance metrics comprising of Frequency & Recency, Transactions, Risk,  Purchase cycle, Response Frequency, Cost of Retention, and Present Value


  1. […] Using Unified Customer Data, it becomes easier to track spends and revenues of a single customer. Repeated customer campaigns add up to the customer spend and is extremely important to measure engagement costs to arrive at Net Profit Value of a single customer. This allows marketers to quickly analyze and re-strategize rules for spend parameters with regard to a particular customer, thereby optimizing customer spends, which contributes to bottom-line revenue. Read more on how individual spends are monitored […]


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