How an insurance company delivers personalized offers based on offline customer segmentation


  • Marketing team of an insurance company wanted to extend their retention campaigns on their websites for their logged in customers
  • Based on the segmentation data available offline, they wanted to personalize offers online to their visiting customers


  • Overlaying offline segmentation data on user behaviour in real time
  • Mapping the segment bucket applicable for the user in real time
  • Enabling offers to users in real time


  • Plumb5’s import feature enabled import of ( offline) segmentation data and helped map the segment buckets
  • Real time lead scoring feature enabled scores to the online visitors based on their browsing behaviour
  • Offer management feature enabled the marketing team to set rules to the offers created and stored in Plumb5 database
  • The offer could be invoked through rules based automation, where the offer is tagged either to user behaviour or segmentation parameters imported from offline source
  • After delivering personalized content on the website, the team could measure responses to the offers made and automate follow-up messages, based on responses gathered

Result Highlights:

  • Real time personalization of offers & communication
  • Rules based automation, that provide faster and easier implementation
  • Ability to use multiple segmentation parameters in real time

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