How a market research agency used visitor profiling to tag online survey responses


A market research agency wanted to know the individual behaviour of respondents on their website, before and after taking their online survey. This activity would have helped the agency in profiling the users who helped them in assessing the user’s intent and value.

The challenges:

  • Tagging user behaviour and survey response together would have meant two sets of measurements and therefore two sets of data
  • The user analytics was provided by a different tool and the survey data was available in a different place
  • Integrating and overlaying different data sets would mean higher effort, cost and time consumption
  • Specific issues such as understanding multiple sessions for a single user did not help in analyzing some of the profiles as traditional analytics does not differentiate between two different sessions from a single user IP

The solution:

  • Implementation of Plumb5 script on the website and by utilizing the survey programming tool – Engauge, helped the company to unify the two different data sets on the fly
  • Plumb Web scripts were inserted both on webpages as well as the survey campaign, which tagged data from different sources
  • Agency could now analyze each user session differently as Plumb Web script records session data not only by the IP, but also by a unique tag generated for each machine
  • The agency could also see unified view of all respondents survey as well as their behaviour in a single dash board


  • Unified data view of respondents in real time
  • Intent, behavioural analysis & profiling of every respondent
  • Higher efficiency & performance
  • Lower costs, resources & time


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