How a healthcare research start-up conducts an effective awareness program based on location


  • A newly established healthcare services company providing a wide range of services to doctors (of specific domain / specialty)
  • To communicate their services & capabilities, they needed to reach out and interact with doctors across the country


  • The starting point of all communication campaigns was the availability of doctors list (of specific domain & specialty)
  • The cost of customized and filtered list was very expensive / premium as it focused on a specific specialty segment. Besides the quality and authenticity of the list was unknown
  • List scraping and contact building would have taken a lot of effort, resources and time

The Solution:

  • Plumb5 crawler app was employed to crawl the free web to create a doctor’s database
  • The crawler searched across the publicly listed doctors profile and contact addresses across 87,000 websites, assorting them based on city, state and region
  • The application was customized to filter out redundant data and further filtered data for recency
  • The tool also cross checked  the authenticity of the list by pinging the email addresses generated
  • A specific list with required parameters was generated within a week and covered over 52% of the total available doctors in the specific domain
  • Utilizing the lead & campaign management feature, the company was able to execute a targeted mail & drip campaign in a quick span of time and in a most cost effective manner

Result Highlights:

  • Authentic and fast list building, based on rules, patterns and filters
  • Over 40% savings when compared to list buys and 70% savings with regard to list scraping or list building
  • Integrated email & campaign management

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