How a digital marketing services company saved over 60% – in resource and tool costs


  • An online digital marketing company providing various services to its clients which included search engine marketing, social media marketing, engagement, analytics, e-mail marketing, video marketing etc. had each of the channels managed by its own set of experts
  • Each channel was distinct and had its own set of campaign objectives as defined by its clients


  • Each channel had a different ROI and resource cost targets
  • The tools used by each channel was different and distinct; the teams used over 8 different tools with customized features
  • Many a times, channels had dependencies on the other channels’ performance and the perspective about the customer (in terms of behaviour & insights) was different for each channel
  • The insight on the customer was scattered across 8 different locations and an integrated view of the customer insight & behaviour was completely missing
  • The overall cost for service (resource & tool cost) was becoming  non-competitive; hence the company often lost ground to other agencies / companies in a competitive pitch / bid

The Solution:

Implementation of Plumb5 ensured, all the below functions were available in one place and performed in real time:

  • Behavioural & Prescriptive Analytics
  • Lead Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Social Media & Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Media Messaging
  • Event Management
  • Personalization Widgets
  • Hybrid Chat
  • Polls & Surveys

With Plumb5 all the data was in one place and each data point was tagged in real time, so that every channel member knew what was happening from an inbound & outbound perspective. The teams were hands on with the behaviour, intent and the possible next steps required. The teams were also able to attribute impact of their activity in the last mile conversion. This resulted in the following:

  • Reduced Campaign Planning Time
  • Reduced Coordination Time
  • Reduced Reporting Time

However, the biggest impact came from the context of the tool spend, wherein Plumb5’s integrated features helped the company save over 50% of their current costs. Now in the current scenario, the overall input resource cost for the company is reduced by over 60%, resulting in increased productivity and reduced tool cost for the company.


  • Over 40% reduction in tool spends
  • Over 60% reduction in input resource costs
  • Higher service margins and profitability
  • Eliminated marketing silos to provide integrated view of customers
  • Better performance and competitiveness

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