How real time automation helped increase customer experience and quality of leads for a B2B enterprise


A B2B services company’s sales team depended on their online marketing activities and website for sales leads.

The company was also facing challenges related to cost of customer acquisition because the leads generated by online activities were often not of high quality. The lead quality also affected their conversion funnel and their typical conversion ratio for website leads was about 2-3% .

The company also realized that their marketing activities generated high traffic to their website & landing pages, however they were not able to access the type of visitors coming to the site. They felt that important decision makers / CXO’s were visiting the site but were not signing up as most of the forms were not in accordance to their expectations.


  • Lower conversion rate from website leads
  • A large portion of the leads were not of high quality
  • High cost of customer acquisition
  • Low volumes in conversion funnel


  • Real time lead scoring: Plumb5 not only provided real time analytics for every visitor on the site, but also allowed the marketing team to enable lead scoring on visitors based on source, page visited, time spent, links clicked, number of visits, page behaviour etc. This automated feature helped the marketing team to understand the number of quality visitors coming to the site every day. A high lead score indicated positive intent and thus a cohort with high score range was created for anonymous to lead conversion
  • On demand form automation: The marketing team enabled automated forms that would appear, while the visitor browsed through specific pages (like contact us or pricing pages) and only to visitors with high lead score. Generating sign ups only of high lead score ensured quality leads
  • Real time visitor insight : When the user signed up, the marketer not only gathered real time insights about the visitor’s website behaviour, but also gathered social media insights about the customer
  • Real time personalization: Based on the visitors behaviour and intent, rules based automation were enabled to ensure personalized content to visitors. The personalization widgets enabled the following:
    • Messaging & content: The website acknowledged the visitors presence, and enabled customised communication to every individual high scoring visitor. Similarly personalization’s were enabled for content, For e.g. if Mr. James showed interest & intent towards xyz service, the website provided latest updates, offers, whitepapers and case studies specific to XYZ service
    • Real time customized offers: Customized, special offer, coupons and  was invoked while the visitor was on the product page. The offer being specific to the visitor aroused interest and encouraged the visitor to sign up and add the product to their shopping cart
    • Event & work flow based personalization: Plumb5 enabled an automated workflow that guided the visitors to discover their solutions and services in a seamless and step by step manner. The system utilized user’s input and its visitor intelligence data to guide the user to specific pages. For e.g. The website asked Mr. James, if he is looking for xyz business problem or zyx business problem and when Mr. James mentioned the latter, the system directed the user to the zyx solution page
  • Real time suggestions: While the visitor was on a specific page or a goal path, Plumb5 enabled an automation of suggestive content that enthused confidence in the visitors

Such real time suggestions helped the visitor in choosing the right product / solution.

  • Real time customer support: For visitors, who seemed to be spending a lot of time on the product page, but were not able to make up their minds, a real time hybrid chat was invoked on the visitors page in real time, where the chat support recommended brands, products and explained their benefits & features to visitors in real time. This enthused confidence and trust among visitors who ended up adding the recommended product to their shopping cart
  • Campaign & lead management: A structured, automated 5 level drip campaign flow was enabled to nurture and engage visitors through email campaigns. Based on the user link clicks and behaviour further messaging, customization and nurturing rules were enabled.  Plumb5 enabled various types of customized messaging to the database generated through the custom form fills. For e.g.:
    • Thank you messaging: For sign ups, likes, surveys or any other clicks that indicated positive scores
    • Event invitation messaging: For webinars, product demos or special events
    • Mile stone messaging: When the visitor reached a specific goal path. In this case, the messaging was to thank and reinforce the user after reaching a specific goal path – of providing appointment to the sales team
    • Social Messaging: Specific offers and interesting related content links posted to user’s Facebook inbox ( instead of regular inbox) ensured high visibility, clicks and interest levels of the visitor

Plumb5 automatically managed the lead scoring and conversion probability, based on automation rules set by the marketing team and enabled a seamless customer experience leading to:

  • More conversions
  • High quality lead generations
  • Lower acquisition costs
  • Better focus of the sales team effort & time
  • Optimization of marketing costs


  • Over 150% increase in sales conversions
  • Over 200% increase in leads
  • Over 90% leads categorized as quality leads
  • Over 150% reduction in customer acquisition costs
  • 30% media and marketing cost savings
  • Over 60% increase in customer referrals
  • Over 80% increase in social traffic

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