Optimizing site chat for conversions

e-commerce Store managers can now enhance user’s shopping experience, through optimizing site chat /online chat. The following screenshot shows how a chat assistant can push relevant images /video into their ongoing chat session.

The chat assistant can configure a handy console of product assets like images /videos and use them to help visitors get to interested products quickly by pushing the hyper-linked product assets. The chat assistant has access to the visitors behavior like click-stream, campaign responses and any other visitor / customer related information available within the system, which helps the chat assistant in knowing more about the visitor or customer.

Plumb5 hybrid chat simulates the offline experience where the store managers tend to display a range of products when you are at a store. The managers tend to display all the options from the rack based on the conversation with the customer. The experience of presenting options visually during a conversation is simulated to extend the same experience online.

The advantage of Plumb5 hybrid chat is that it is integrated to Plumb5 Web Analytics which streams visitor behavior data (click-stream) to the chat admin console, where the chat assistant can base his conversations or even recommend, based on past recorded data.

You can easily integrate the hybrid chat into your websites, just like any other chat widgets, by inserting the script to your webpages.

The screen below is an example of how the visual product aids stack up as the chat conversation progresses.

The hybrid chat can be customized to incorporate video chats for visitors with webcam options. Video chats help in understanding visitors by age and gender and helps chat assistants to propose more relevant products.


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