Knowing Competitor’s Web Marketing Trends

To analyze a particular marketing trend from the free web there was a requirement of a topical crawler application. A crawler application that would scour  more than 20,000 sites to collect all advertisements available on these sites. The built in patterns would ensure that all advertisements data was captured and negated the options of missing advertisements that were delivered by way of ad network, ad deliveries or other dynamic ad delivery methods. The patterns would help to arrive at campaign time span, unique campaigns and publisher information.

The client would derive the basic estimation of the advertisement impressions by importing data that would cover publishers campaign information, packages, rate card information and overall website impressions . To make the estimates more accurate, we plan to integrate data from various Ad networking tracking data.

The solution would combine the data from both these sources mentioned above and apply advanced statistical techniques and prediction algorithms to make highly accurate estimates about an advertisement’s profile which helps marketers in understanding campaign effectiveness, spends and competitor’s advertising trends.

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