Effective Closed Community for Target Audience

Developing targeted social sites for a specific product category helps managers understand user insights pertaining to the product. These websites offer the registered users of the product a bunch of engagement components like surveys, polls, blogs, reviews, rewards and coupons to enhance user participation which will help the product manager to engage the users and derive buying insights tactically. This insight data can be used to build communication to the target audience accordingly.
Blogs and reviews help in understanding user sentiments relevant to the product. Shadow apps help in monitoring users by his active status on the site in terms of usability, loyalty and content contribution.

We developed a configurator called  “Engauge” which would help product managers to quickly host an insight center (cafe) enabled with all social widgets. Market research agencies are building closed community groups around market categories which will help them understand insights on a larger perspective.

“Engauge” is built using Microsoft ASP.NET that houses core collaboration and data reporting components necessary to build and engage social media websites.

Sites Deployed using this framework
1. http://msa.msdev.com
2. http://www.cafesmartphone.com
3. http://placement.iiht.com

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